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TCB: happy jeans contest


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The fabric on these TCB's are amazing, they wear in very differently than all my other jeans. They don't produce sharp contrast but they have a very distinct texture. I'm in the regular wash stage and we should see some accelerated wear over the summer as the much of the indigo has been worn off @ certain areas.

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So my vacation has come to an end and I finally have time to do a semi-proper update, starting with a couple of days in Gothenburg. Unfortunately I didn't spot a single vintage Volvo so this will have to make due.


The main reason for the trip was to see Foo Fighters tear up our national stadium Ullevi. However, I didn't account for a super stoked Dave Grohl that would fall off the stage about a minute or so into Monkeywrench - the second song of their set - breaking his leg. The funny thing we had no idea he fell at first since he tried to finish singing the damn song on his back below the stage, not until he uttered the words "Guys, I just broke my fucking leg" that is. He ordered the band to play us a couple of covers, apologized and said "I'll be back as soon as I fucking can" and by the look of the bands faces it was clearly not just the audience that thought he meant sometime next year, not 3 songs later as it happened! In comes Dave carried on a stretcher, jumping in on the second verse of Under pressure and sits down on a chair with a medic making sure his foot doesn't move. From then on the stadium was crazy and every song seemed to be about Dave breaking his leg. This is definitely an evening I'll remember for a very long time.






The streets of Gothenburg has great names, my mate funny enough lives at Shuttleloom street.




Was quite pleased that they had so many local craft beers that I only drank local stuff over the weekend. Oceanbryggeriets Glenn No 5 is an old favorite, for the football interested lot of you it is named after the old Swedish and Liverpool hero Glenn Hysén.








Just before leaving Gothenburg I visited da Matteo, currently considered the best café in Sweden. They roast their coffee beans and bake their bread just on the other side of the yard.




More to come...

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Hi Volvo, while I see you being around let's align the dates for your Bardentreffen gig in Nürnberg later in August - maybe this can evolve into a little meet-up...

What are the current dates for your gigs and when will you arrive in Nürnberg?

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hi Foxy,

so you're coming? that's great I hope we can manage to get one or three g&t in the cool bar you mentioned!

I am playing aug 1st from 19.15 til 20.45 in Sebalder Platz, then I have another gig still in the Bardentreffen festival the following day at Insel Schutt from 15.00 to 16.30. shortly after the second gig we have to leave as we have another gig not far from Nurnberg, in Neustadt Aisch, scheduled at 20.00.


the best thing would be meet up after the gig on sat, I am free for the night, and I don't have to drive haha! Schedule is very tight as the day before Nurnberg I have a gig in Italy, so we'll get there right on time for the sound check on sat aug 1st.


I'd love to check out in person your wife's P1800, too! are you volvo-ing all the way from Berlin?

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Hi Volvo,

Saturday will be no problem - if I take Monday off the Sunday gig would be fine, too.

Bardentreffen can be a pretty cool affair and Nürnberg is lovel, especially in summer!

Not sure about my wife's exact schedule - she might be on business in Shanghai. If not I might be able to drag her along. Then it depends on wether we fly-in (more or less) directly from Moscow or via Berlin to switch over to the Volvo...

Maybe, Max Power could make it down to his childhood region as well?

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It'd be great to meet up some of the German lads!

I am fighting the heat in my TCB's, yesterday we were almost at 35 degrees C.

Mad time to wear jeans!


Will come w/o wife or Volvo - in PDX area right now and the weather is crazy hot, around +35C over the past few days with no relief in sight...

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Will come w/o wife or Volvo - in PDX area right now and the weather is crazy hot, around +35C over the past few days with no relief in sight...

We'll concentrate on g&t's then haha!

Spent the week end in Milano, I had two different gigs both on Saturday and this afternoon, temperature around 37C, I managed to wear the TCB's all the time nonetheless, now they're ready for a nice 60C wash!

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slighty OT, but not much!


Just took delivery of the TCB foreman vest in duck clothv and it slays!

the fit is perfect! the fabric is outstanding too.


more and better pics when time permits


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Here are some images from my life over the last few months. Tattoos, beers, music and skateboarding (rather the consequences):





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very little related to the contest jean, but might be of interest to some of you guys.

I've made it yet again into the sacred temple of TCB coola-bool-erism haha!!!


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Very busy week


Was in Frankfurt for a 24 hour layover, had some good food and beer, and then off to Orlando for an annual fishing trade show. And I should be off to Beijing tomorrow. 3 Continents in one week, I'm exhausted...


19792718341_e0ceb6a181_c.jpgDSC_0842 by 6u07, on Flickr


19761765726_f043585821_c.jpgDSC_0845 by 6u07, on Flickr


19792718211_314858ce5a_c.jpgDSC_0848 by 6u07, on Flickr

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Another update on the TCB's, another wash, both knees are blown out, one corner of the pocket is blown out and the other corner should see the same fate in about a month from the looks of it. Probably not going to repair it as the contest will only run until the end of this year. I'm in a 3~4 week wash cycle now.


19612473180_f77451da67_c.jpgTCB July 18 by 6u07, on Flickr


19613879139_7bc7d8c1ea_c.jpgTCB July 18 by 6u07, on Flickr


19800507745_7d5d8746d3_c.jpgTCB July 18 by 6u07, on Flickr


19805290861_e791a3cce0_c.jpgTCB July 18 by 6u07, on Flickr

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