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TCB: happy jeans contest


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Since we are a bunch of coffee and espresso swilling fiends here, I figured this would be appreciated.  Im not too hip to the movement, but in the US, and Im sure elsewhere, theres this third wave coffee trend.  Single origin etc.. all that.  I like it because its great tasting coffee and espresso and beats the alternative here which is Starbucks, the McDonalds of coffee.  Blue Bottle Coffee has a newer location in Oakland where they do espresso machine repair.  I dont know much about it but its a cool place to cop a cup.






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I'm on the same page as you when it comes to coffee Gnomes. Though I'm not as deep in it as with beer, having tried good coffee and alternative brewing methods to the big ole cup of black changed my coffee habits completely. Never thought the quality and variety of tastes would be so great.


And it all pretty much started with this contest, so cheers! 

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Those are looking great Ah Long. None of this should come as a surprise given your contest Eternals a few years back.


Gnomes - My jeans are reasonably fitted but I'm not going to get fades like that either! I'm looking forward to your dad fades all the same.

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I've been MIA the past few weeks but will need to do a photo bump eventually. I did make it out to San Francisco, Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon last week and have been treading a few restaurants around Chicago so there's a bunch to come. That said, I've been lagging on any evo on the jeans themselves as I haven't been washing as often lately and have an upcoming apartment move at the end of the month. Should help though!

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My pair has reached a stage for regular washing. Coupled with summer activities and all, it should go into accelerated destruction...

For those who were wondering about the size, I was a 31 in the Eternal 811, 32 in the TCB

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guy on the right is a total legend.


outside of the work the highlight of this trip was discovering the gin and tonic made with Hendricks gin and cucumber instead of lemon. I love it!

Well, we know you and we know Nuala - so, who's the legend you are referring to?

Try Caorunn Gin or Elephant Gin with a slice of apple...

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you know Nuala? no way! Did you see her playing in Germany?

We met first at the Rudolstadt folk festival a couple years ago, we absolutely love playing music together.

guy on the right is Cathal McConnell, a singer and flute player from Fermanagh in the north of Ireland. Fantastic musician and a living folk music legend.

Well I've always been a G&T lover, but the way they do it in Scotland with either the Botanist or Hendrick's, tonic and cucumber is another level from the average G&T.

I'l definitely try out your suggestion. Green apple should be great for that I reckon!

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Will check him out...

When in Nürnberg, we have to go to DelikatEssen for their gin and tonic water selection - always good on Friday or Saturday afternoon shopping stop. (Ask for Manfred, he will sort you out...)

Opposite, you'll find Vintage Bar - a nice little living room bar focussing on drinks form the 1920-1940's...

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Ah Long, great evo!!!


It's been a while since I checked in.  Someone please let me know if my recent absence affects eligibility.


I've been able to wear these regularly again, so hopefully I can catch up with some of you guys!





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ayo Jyoni, off topic but you do repairs yea?  Interested in helping me out with my Strike Gold Hoody?  I want to patch the elbow holes with the Samurai 710 hem scraps I have.  If you are too busy, dont sweat it.  And I will obvious;y pay.


looking at the repair thread, I have grand idea's man and I sincerely hope you have the time

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ayo Jyoni, off topic but you do repairs yea?  Interested in helping me out with my Strike Gold Hoody?  I want to patch the elbow holes with the Samurai 710 hem scraps I have.  If you are too busy, dont sweat it.  And I will obvious;y pay


For sure!  It sounds like I might have a similar repair to do to my Left Field sweatshirt, so I've been brainstorming some cool stuff for that type of fix.  I'll pm ya.

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Man there are so many choices out there depending on what you want and how much money you're ready to spend on this!

Stay away from capsule machines unless you plan to use the espresso machine very little. Capsules are crap, they're expensive and seriously polluting, to not mention that you have to stick with very few coffee brands.

Capsule machines are relatively unexpensive but on the long run you'll save more to get a real deal machine and a proper grinder rather than overpay your capsules.

I have a Bacchi which is a rather experimental model, it's a stovetop espresso machine. Takes about 6 mins to pour 1 or 2 cups and can't do any latte foam. If you can deal with it and you can deal with the cost it's a great choice. It's a little finicky to use but with time and patience everybody can learn how to use it.

Other than Bacchi I like manual lever machines, and I really like Pavoni for home use. They're great machines with great design. I have a Pavoni Europiccola as well though I seldom use it now. My wife found it in the garbage years ago and was smart enough to bring it home to me. It turned out that had the resistance broken, an easy fix. Machine itself it's worth around 350 eur! Some f*****g eedjit just threw it away rather than trying to have it fixed.

It takes time and patience to learn to use manual lever coffee machines well but it's totally worth it.

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I'd really suggest a Gaggia Classic over a Pavoni - the latter doesn't have a big enough portafilter, which means less coffee, and if you need to steam milk, the design is terrible as the knob has too long a throw.


They do look beautiful but I finally got shot of mine after 20 years and used the £££ for a Rancilio SIlva, which is certainly one of the best contenders for a standard machine.


totally agree re pod machines, they're awful, and the amount of crap they contribute to landfill is disgusting.


More coffee machine action coming from me soon when I have the chance to load last week's pix....

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So, last Wednesday I ventured down to the BBC for a World Service programme on denim.


This is one of my favourite bits of London, right round the corner from my old MOJO office. On the right is All Souls church, built around 1820 by John Nash, who also built most of Buckingham Palace. Because he was a friend of the old fatty George IV he was often mocked, and there are many cartoons of him sitting on this building with the spike up his arse. It's actually a masterful piece of architecture, because the drum shape perfectly manages the way the straight Regent Street turns into the curve of Portland Place.




Behind it is Broadcasting House, which looks like a 1930s radio. A beautiful art deco building, which had interiors by Wells Coates and Serge Chermayeff which looked amazing, like something from Metropolic. (I own a couple of bakelite radios designed by the same guys). When I first went there some of the interiors remained, they had a lovely studio in the basement where they still had all the 1930s bakelite headphones. This is the place where, amongst hundreds of other historic interviews, people like Churchill and De Gaulle broadcast many of their famous speeches. The relief at the front is by Eric Gill, designer of the Gill Sans typeface.





And this is the new Broadcasting House. In the past the World Service was pased in Bush House, another beautiful 30s building, but now theyy've moved to this very expensive new building, next to the old one. All of BBC Tv is now based here..




Once inside, this is one of the World Service studios, and the interviewer, Mike.




I yakked on about denim, he and the producer admired by TCB pants, which i of course namechecked. I had the full denim rig, orange tab shirt, and an LVC 20s chore jacket. I'd also brought along some of Mike Harris's denim scraps.


The main floor of the World Service. There are better views - there's one point where you can see all the news journos working in front of you but you're not allowed to photograph them, due to the obligatory modern security paranoia.



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