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Show us your leather


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just took delivery of this new iphone cover made by German leather artisan Uwe Tauber. Flawless workmanship! the leather comes from the same French tannery that sells leather to Hermés.

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Mink oil (like Kiwi brand) will have petroleum-based compounds that actually cause damage, particularly to the stitching. You're best bet is Huberd's (neatsfoot oil) or something like Obenauf's.

okay, thanks for the help

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My leather craft ..mostly inspired by peacemaker 

repro of it cuts & design...the same goes with Levis vintage jeans which many brand try to repro the details as close as possible .



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Second attempt making something with leather. Went a bit better then the first.

Just a plain card holder. To practise stitching and burnishing and so on.

My plan was to craft myself a wallet. I wanted to do that 4-5 years ago. But after my kids was born I have had no time at all.

But now I will try to realise this project. 

I just need to get some better leather and tools only got an awl, needles and thread atm.

It is hard to find out where to order leather from. 

Found a good tannery here in Sweden. But they have stopped selling to people outside of a company.

The search continue.


Any tips and tricks that you got are more then welcome. 



And here are some pics of my crappy card holder. Hopefully my wallet will turn out a lot better.







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My Tanner Goods wallet keeps cracking/breaking my credit/debit cards. My buddy has a Tanner Bifold and the exact same thing is happening to his cards. Seems to be where the cards stick out a little past the card slot is where the pressure goes when sitting on the wallet and causes them to start cracking/breaking. Just was curious if anyone else has this issue or has any advice?? I've had my workman wallet for a couple years and it's getting a great patina, but the cracking cards is frustrating.


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I was a little unsure if I liked the darker tan cordovan on the new run of the Wild Child but it definitely looks great.

I've been using mine every day and in already seeing some indigo rub off on it.




There was a little variation from wallet to wallet in the recent run and mine was a bit darker than the others, if I recall.  All were nice, and perfectly stitched.



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