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Evisu is still loved!


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13 hours ago, Ahlvahroe said:

Wait!? The no 1s shrank 6 inches!?

4 hours ago, CrashTestBrummie said:


No.1 denim has the nicer hand to it, I love its hairiness when soaked and washed. But, pretty much every single vintage pair I've seen with the best fades have been made of No.2 denim. No idea why and it might just be one massive coincidence. 

They'd already been soaked by the time I picked them up so I went by the shrunk measurements so no surprises there for me, ha. I'm just more about the loose fits these days and the 2000t cut isn't the one for me. Or my arse lmao. 

Evisu remains one of the best denim I’ve ever handled ... also, my most  fails,  in terms of sizing decisions.

For me,  tagged size numbers does not  really mean much cuz they vary by production lots & denim type/lot.  I still prefer getting the RAW version, but like CTB,  I’m basing my sizing decision from actual preshrunk measurements.

Next time I’m in Kyoto,  I may go for a 2001 or 2005 in No.2 with a single, right side backpocket seagull painted  in their store color.

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I normally buy mine from a stall in the local market. They have no labels inside but the man selling them swears they’re all made in Japan and they have to remove the labels for legal reasons or something. He’s very generous too snd gives all his customers a discount as they’re much cheaper than everywhere else.

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Feeler post for this pair of 2000TH Petero18 I'm planning to sell.. I haven't sold to anyone on Sufu in my life, so I apologize if this isn't allowed. I figured i'd post in the Evis thread before the actual FS thread.

I wore them for a bit but lost too much weight and they look weird now lol

               cm           in
Waist......43.5     - 17.1
FR..........28.5     - 11.2
BR..........39        - 15.3
Thigh......33.25   - 13.1
Length....82        - 32.2
Hem.......18         - 7.1


               cm           in
Waist......42       -   16.5
FR.......... 28       -   11
BR.......... 37.5    -  14.75
Thigh......31.5    -   12.5
Length....80       -   31.5
Hem....... 18        - 7.1




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I took post wash measurements and updated my post above. I will eventually post them on Grailed and maybe the Reddit r/rawdenim. Any tips?

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On 2/3/2021 at 8:25 PM, bartlebyyphonics said:

mmmm yes... actually tempted

labor as the pre-evisu version... old sufu post selling early 90s one here

You guys can explain me what it exactly is "labor"? It is some limited production?or an early label before evisu? A special cut or a special fabric? I am so curious 

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