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Evisu is still loved!


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My “official” [covid-19] lockdown jeans.  ‘Worn exclusively at home, w/o a belt, for 3mos ... top block is quite stretched out from the burgeoning gut:blush:, so they're hot-soaking right now.

These are going back out & into my regular summer rotation, in time for NYC reopening ... phase2.9AF24691-770A-419D-992D-BB3FFF9E4A59.thumb.jpeg.32a1d6f0a1b70f24c00169f8e1fa66d8.jpeg


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I machine dry most of the time as it’s usually too cold & humid for things to air dry properly here. They have also gotten washed pretty frequently, every week or two. Dryer is set to high but who knows, it never really finishes drying anything!

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I've been meaning to photograph mine and just prompted by Chicote's colours and texture and Chambo's post to add.

2000 from a while back - worn a lot and took ages to fade - They have a not especially appealing silver selvedge but the denim is fantastic - and I think they're one of (but not quite) my favourite(s)..

Japan Evisu just have something extra about them somehow - don't know if that justified their prices - but their quality of how they've been made really is top notch








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I have to say @Thanks_M8 - mine barely fit too as the waist was always too small - after a week of wearing, they are just about  comfortable:biggrin: Tho saying that the thigh and the rest of the fit is pretty fine for moving about - its just the waist. They're a bit of an odd cut in the top block do you think? - tho that's partly my shape I guess


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On 1/16/2020 at 6:01 PM, rockon99 said:

Eviso Petero 18 (EGD2000TH001) Size 35

Measurements in inches

Waist - 34.6 
Front Rise - 11.4
Upper Thigh - 12.8
Inseam - 32.7
Hem - 7.1
Rear Rise - ?

Waist - 34
Front Rise - 11.2
Upper Thigh - 12
Inseam - 31.5
Hem - 6.9
Rear Rise - 14.8

I hot washed these at a laundromat, but it looks like they could absolutely shrink more. A little puzzling. I did also walk in them about 5 miles while they were still slightly damp, so I'm sure that contributes somewhat. Anyway, the laundromat has front loading machines, but my washer (currently out of service) is a top loading machine. I theorize that they weren't in contact with hot water for long enough to yield a ton of shrinkage. No problem!

The texture is incredible, and it’s interesting to feel the ridges that travel vertically along the fabric









I think I'm gonna throw some oil on that patch


This is my first pair of Evisu, and I'm looking forward to a nice adventure with them :)


i think you may have convinced me to get this pair! they look great!

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5 hours ago, chambo2008 said:

Mental, what are you currently shredding these days then? 


Nothing really... I have a pair of round up & co I just got, some mr freedom shore pants that i rarely wear, and a handful of washed jeans, Couple lvc and couple Dior. Have some great 45 rpm too, but they are aihikos, so they don’t fade

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