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What Are You Wearing Today (Denim Version)


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Cannot rep, but I love that shirt. I know there has been a huge debate over what it means, but I am going to believe that it is from the original V mini-series from the 80's where the old man spray paints the big red V on the poster and says "For Victory"

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WAYWT interruption style! (cookie making starting in the background)




a+f chambray

old belt

skull 5010xx


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Excuse the very shitty Photobooth pictures! And my white-ass legs! (wasn't that kind of the point of this party?)

This is post Self Edge Denim Shorts party.



My choice of footwear today was somewhat questionable, but I forgot it was warm/Denim Party day/Pride, so i rocked the vintage 40's Sheboygan boots.

Jeans (with sweet-ass new Denim Shorts party leather tag!) are Uniqlos.

I expect more pictures from all the other SUFU heads at that party, and I know there were quite a few.

(please excuse this post, I started drinking at the beginning of the Mexico-Argentina match [the Germany-England match was a LITTLE too early for my West Coast self to start drinking])

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Feel like a lot of posters in WAYWT denim version just continue to post in here and nowhere else (even if they aren't wearing denim). What's the deal? There's some good posters in here, don't confine yourselves to one thread.

Incentive for people to come look at this thread. Besides, you know how those Supertrash people (you know who you are) are, always talking shit about us. Except for Pomata, whom they seem to fancy.

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I kinda like how people post here even though sometimes they might not be wearing any denim. superdenim pretty much feels like fam from the people I know here. Don't really visit much of superthrash often. It just feels odd there sometimes with the way people dress (no offense) but I just like it a lot more here.

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