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What Are You Wearing Today (Denim Version)


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These are my three week worn Levis LVC 1947's. Spring 2008 Collection, 4170 on the button.

There's actually some more contrast in the combs/thigh creases, but they're not too noticeable unless you take some close up pictures.



The anti-fit is hard to show what it really looks like in just a picture. You really get a good sense of it's look when you're walking.

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well, you pull up your shirt that you see the jeans better and don´t wear no shoes-imo this would be ok for how do your jeans fit or sth, but on a waywt pic you should get an idea about the overall fit and not only jeans...

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I agree with Atzec. Jeans are of course great to look at on their own, but I think the clothes that surround them might be a cool thing to see on differnt people.

And I think this could be a good thread. I personally don't take many pictures, so I probably won't contribute, but I'm certainly interested in seeing other people's posts.

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No pics, but I've got:

Samurai 510xx 21ozs,

Alden 405s,

LVC Indigo Chambray shirt.

and some cute "skull" boxers... for the ladies of course.

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i like the idea of this thread.

Anyone who has been around sufu for a while can recognize that the different WAYWT cater to different styles. Sure, there are posters who post in both chat and trash waywt's, but each waywt has its own distinct core group of posters and styles.

The crowd that visits superdenim is vastly different than the rest of the fora. I would expect the crowd here is more into workwear/street style as opposed to what is seen in chat and trash.

with that being said, i will post later on in this thread.

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to keep the spirit of this thread. I agree zubin, some of the stuff on WDYWT on the other thread is not for everybody. This is kind of my liking, like an updated lightning magazine, "denim master" or something like that.

what i wore today

track jacket

white tee


NB574(not shown)


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this is a good idea.

this is different from the WAYWT thread as it's going to be denim specific.

the difference between how do jeans fit and description thread? this thread shows how people wear their denims as part of a whole outfit. Because for example, LVC 1947s can be worn in a myriad of styles.

and since i made a post here I am obliged to also post a photo to keep the thread going:


nudie SSDS

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