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What Are You Wearing Today (Denim Version)


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i like the idea of this thread.

Anyone who has been around sufu for a while can recognize that the different WAYWT cater to different styles. Sure, there are posters who post in both chat and trash waywt's, but each waywt has its own distinct core group of posters and styles.

The crowd that visits superdenim is vastly different than the rest of the fora. I would expect the crowd here is more into workwear/street style as opposed to what is seen in chat and trash.

with that being said, i will post later on in this thread.

I agree with this statement, I barely venture outside of the superdenim section and when I do I don't think any of the fits look good cause it's not what I'm into at all.

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thanks nowayy77! they have been hemmed.



same ol' ih634s


I meant to ask how long the inseam is now. I'm picking up a pair soon and I think we're about the same height. Just for reference. I can't wait to get my hombre and windbreaker.

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