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Iron Heart Jeans

Guest Guy H

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I did some comparison pictures of my recent purchased flannels (Sh 86 and Sh 87), against TWSH 03, SH 70 and SH 37. My feeling Heaviest is 70, then 86, 37,03. The 70 feels most brushed and soft, the 03 is the most slubby and "stiff".













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I am trying to find stores in Japan (Either Kanazawa area or Tokyo) that might carry the 634s-B. I am going to try the OT & Emotional store in Shinjuku/Harajuku since I'll be checking out the PBJ store, but any other ideas? I know a decent amount of stores carry IH but not sure if they would carry the 634s-B and I don't have much time to wander around and check. 

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That's what I was afraid of. The link does have the 634s-GRs though, do you think those would be difficult to find as well?  And thanks for the info!


Edit: It appears there are pretty much no pairs of the 634s-GR left according to the Iron Heart forum. Bummer.

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These are really starting to fall apart now. They need a wash but seeing how they will just get dirty the next day has got me stuck.
On a side note, passing by SESF this weekend. 




It's a bummer that none of the "before" photos quite capture just how destroyed these jeans were, but theres some pretty good before and afters over at http://indigoproof.tumblr.com


I'm really interested to see how much further these can be taken.



Edit: the indigoproof tumblr is maintained 100% by Rain, who does all of the repairs at Darn It!  I'm just linking because I follow the blog closely and often have my mind boggled by the repairs she does.
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Going to Let my Over Dyed Beatle Busters go...they don't get the attention they desrve.


IHxB01xOD Tag 34 - Hemmed on union special to 33.5" (will double check).


Worn very lightly - no fades to speak of - still have flasher and tags. Mint Condition.


Price: £165 O.N.O + Postage (RRP: £254 / $400 New) - Paypal


PM for details or email: [email protected]



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