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  1. Tender

    Unknown Non-Japanese Brands

    Hello, My name is ART. This is my jeans brand “THE ARTWORKS”. Thai Jeans but Made in USA. Prototype Model • 1947 Model Vintage Straight Cut • 13oz Japanese Pink Selvedge from Nihon Menpu Mills • 100% Copper hidden back and pocket rivets • Front and back pocket liners made of 12oz canvas (Natural or Green not Brown Color) • Donut Bottons with Laure Leaf • Tochigi Leather Patches 2 mm. Cut in Japan • Chain stitched hems with Union Special 43200G First Day 1 Month Thank you so much
  2. Tender

    Samurai Jeans

    S5000VX with SAMURAI T-SHIRT
  3. Tender

    RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    My Resolute 710
  4. Tender

    SOMET Denim

    My SOMET 003
  5. Tender

    SOMET Denim

    Wear them 3-6 months first before soak them. They are perfect fit. If they are too long cut them a little bit or cuff.
  6. Tender

    SOMET Denim

    SOMET 003 with Manifold Belt & Wallet.