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  1. Heck yes you should. Rock it with attitude and don't be afraid to throw some cut eye every now and again.
  2. Why do we need a rep button anyway. If you want to give someone a thumbs up, get @ them and write YASSSSS or put a sweet emoji in or something. It will make the user feel even better, because it required more effort. YASSSSSSSSSSSSS.
  3. I've got a pair of the black/indigo Onis on their way from BiG and a pair of Warehouse 900s on ice. It won't be exact science, but I'm going to do a test over the spring/summer. I reckon I'll wash the Warehouse every two weeks and not wash the Onis at all and see what happens.
  4. BS United Oni Denim Pics

    Broke my Oni duck today and ordered a pair from BiG. Fingers crossed they fit.
  5. @keybladehero - no, I don't keep my phone in my front pocket. I did used to keep my work passcard in there, though, which probably explains it. And I don't wear my jeans overly tight (though they sometimes get that way depending on how my diet is). I do reckon it's body type.
  6. I'm reading this as 'buy two new pairs and do a side by side comparison in the name of science.' Stephen Hawking Memorial jeans experiment? Anyone want to contribute?
  7. Interesting - I always thought my crotch blowouts were due to being a fat bastard.
  8. Watches and Denim

    Hamilton and PBJ. If you're going to buy this watch, budget for a new strap.
  9. Pure Blue Japan

    Evo pics on my 18oz x13s. 5 or 6 months actual wear and not sure about the number of washes. Probably 6, maybe more.
  10. It's interesting to hear other people's experiences. I figured I'm a bit of an outlier because I walk a lot (10km most days), but guys who cycle a lot should have a similar experience to me, or perhaps worse. I remember being kind of pissed off when I had my first Iron Heart blowout, because people talk about their jeans like they're bombproof. Now I know it's just part of the game, and I'm prone to blowouts. In my experimenting with various brands over the years I've found that nothing beats a Reigning Champ hoodie or sweatshirt or an Iron Heart shirt for long lasting quality.
  11. After getting my 180z PBJs back from the repair shop for the 4th time, only to find a hole in the left pocket bag, it's got me to wondering - is the quality argument that we all make really true? I've had my x13s since last December and probably have between 5-6 months of wear days on them. My first repair came after 3 months in. The crotch was reinforced, but it puts extra stress on the edges of the repair fabric and that's where new holes develop. DOn't get me wrong - I'm not complaining. I love the jeans. I've loved them since trying them on and I love them now that they're kind of beat. But are they of high quality? That I'm not so sure of. Didn't want to put this in the PBJ thread because I don't want to turn people off the brand (I've had similar/worse experiences with Iron Heart 18oz and 25oz).
  12. Watches and Denim

    That Hamilton watch is typical Hodinkee hype. I've got the version from a couple of years ago. Same watch without the Ben Clymer rub. It's cheap and feels cheap and the band on mine is so rough I stopped wearing it because it cut my wrist. Actual cuts. Actual blood. Wasn't worth swapping it out.
  13. What after G-Star?

    You're ignoring the forest for the trees. Measurements are only a guide as to how your jeans are going to fit for the first few times you wear them. After the first few times, your jeans stretch. If you're buying high rise because you don't want your jeans to fall down, or you're trying to cover the spill over from your stomach, you're making a mistake. You don't need new jeans, you need a new belt. And the cheaper the jeans, the faster and more your jeans stretch, because the denim quality isn't as high. With almost all of the brands that are discussed in /superdenim, you get what you pay for and if you're interested in getting a pair of decent quality jeans, you should follow the advice that you've been given. You should be so lucky as to have a pair of Warehouse for your first proper pair of jeans.
  14. What after G-Star?

    Neither. Or both. You've received a lot of very clear advice across a number of threads. You're choosing not to heed it. Good luck.
  15. Watches and Denim

    I've got a Hamilton khaki as well and for the price, they're hard to beat. Wish I'd bought used instead of new, though. That's my one bit of advice when buying watches: unless you've got throw away money, never buy a watch new. It's really not worth it, unless you need the ego boost.