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  1. Naked & Famous Denim

    I have a (slightly) worn pair in 34 that I'd like to swap for a size down if that's any use?
  2. Volvo those look great! After some searching Desert Boots are a must and the most classic of sneakers works for the Spring weather, but I think I may be destined for some of those now too, they are just too nice.
  3. Denim Shirts

    Amazon has plenty of the Barstow style shirts which are a thicker, softer material than the sawtooth shirts, which were generally thinner and crisper. They also have different style poppers. eBay will be your best bet for the old style sawtooth, I've bought and sold a few myself. Love the new Barstow shirts, bought a faded one just to dye it black and the fit and finish is excellent.
  4. Summer's coming (Yeah not quite, but spring has sprung in London) and its almost time to hang up the boots. What does everybody wear when its too hot for boots but sneakers don't fit in with the head to toe LVC miner/farm hand steez? Slip on sneakers may be an option, or desert boots?
  5. Overcomer

    Red Cloud makes tight weave/hairy denim, maybe it's de stijl over there. Interesting brand, hats off to any company making "Made in China" mean quality.
  6. Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    Nothing particularly wrong with "the look" it's just ubiquitous. Still love Rogue Territory their Indigo Work Trousers are my go to loose fit engineered dark denim, they might be aiming for tight fit slim tapered cuts but they're giving the people what they want and can hardly be blamed for serving their fan base. Their price point is incredibly high for detail they provide though... As for the instagrammers, if it wasn't the urban workwear/miner/lumberjack, it would certainly be something else. As I say, nothing wrong with the fit except it seems contradictory if you search too deep into where it comes from. Personally I cant wait for the loose fit to translate over from Japan. Cant be long now right guys? Only been waiting several years...
  7. Iron Heart Jeans

    More 666ish? I own the first edition, wonder how they compare.
  8. Iron Heart Jeans

    ^Beatle Buster would get you close...
  9. There is a single point on the waistline above a back pocket where the material kinks in a straight line. I am considering stitching the kink vertically.
  10. Aye but they be slippin' down me arse!
  11. Question that has been done to death: Is there an effective way of permanently shrinking a jeans waistline past simply doing the upside down put the waistband in boiling water once a month dance? My N&F Oni's are just too loose.
  12. Iron Heart Jeans

    Not many other brands will interact with their customer/fan base closely enough to essentially produce certain products because they asked for it in a direct way. The excellent duck vest comes to mind!
  13. Iron Heart Jeans

    Giles responded to the upward drift in price and in the 666D thread on their own forum. I think they're being very transparent about the fact that the price hikes are necessary for them at this moment, in the same way Kiya from Self Edge has done in the past. They don't like it but they're being up front about their reasons when asked. Edit: @nizzle55 reasons to keep buying/wearing Iron Heart
  14. Ande Whall Denim

    Amazing, what era are those?
  15. Ande Whall Denim

    Fond farewell to one of denims best! Good luck with everything Ande, felt glum when I saw the news on Facebook a few days ago. I'll always have my Caribou's, we'll always have the fades.