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WAYWT 2024 Denim Edition


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Good color on those chucks

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"And now for something completely different"

Feeling nostalgic. Couldn't afford these back in high school. Now I can.

80's Guess jeans. Always thought they nailed the gray/black color.

RRL shirt

Buck Mason Field-spec heavy tee  (highly recommend!)

Nike 79 Tailwind


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A few nice days of sun, now soggy. At least it cooled off enough for me to throw on a jacket. 
MF, Trophy, Nudie



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@AlientoyWorkmachine Really really really big fan of Tezo tees. (Not sure if you keep up w/ the fancy T-shirts thread, but I did just post some nice photos of a well-worn example a week or so ago.) Their sizing is a little funny but also pretty forgiving, as the fabric is on the loose / stretchy end. I’m generally an L / 40-or-42 / 16.5-or-17 in Western brands, and an XL / 44 / 17-or-17.5 in Japanese brands. I have two Tezo tees in 185 cm that are much longer than I’d like them to be in the body, but that otherwise fit very well; I have two in 175 cm (and two more on the way, as it happens) that are trim and pretty flattering, if maybe a little narrower than ideal through the shoulders. I think my perfect size would be somewhere between the two, but I happily wear both on a regular basis. Hope this helps—plenty of other WAYWT pics floating around, as points of reference, if you care to search (the green and yellow tees are 185 cm; the above-pictured and the purple henley are 175 cm).

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Posted (edited)

^ I just ordered a couple of long sleeved tezo t-shirts off the back of Julian's pics and review (thanks Julian).  Subsequent interactions with tezomaya direct were positive - very customer friendly.  They have the different dyed versions available on different dates... I went for an un-dyed and a fujinezu-iro (deep purple) which are available about now and went for the 185 cm version just off the chest size... 75cm did seem a bit long so we'll see how that goes... can always tuck them in... looking forward to getting them for summer wear

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