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Denim World Championship - SuFu Division

Max Power

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So this is a little late, but this was my Choir Tour to the UK!


Starting at the lovely Llangollen Eisteddfod



A gorgeous town as well, with a river! (We don't see too much of that in SoCal)fj9d54z.jpg

A view from a local pub. That's a castle ruin on top of the shining hill!


I had to get one of me having fish and chips for my grandpa


We really loved this pub. Go to the Cornmill when you're in Llangollen we went there like 3 times!Acs31QK.jpg

Later on in the Competition we had a parade!


Someone played a Hurdygurdy! As a music history major, hearing one live was on my bucket listUzP4Wzd.jpgThen we won Choir of the World! Along with 2 other first places and a 2nd!2lHLqCR.jpg


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With spirits soaring, we hit the road to Stratford-Upon-Avon!RBmqrhu.jpg

Really jealous of this countryside and the lack of billboards!Y5V4MIX.jpg

Forgot to take many pictures in Stratford since we were only there for a bit, but we sang in Guild Chapel which was great!uoQZSlU.jpg

They also had this great photorealistic art hanging upibKtnCU.jpg

Then we made our way to Oxford! We Stayed at Keeble CollegegRF3f5G.jpg

We had breakfast in the dining hall that inspired the Harry Potter one! (Also copped a sick Eisteddfod sweater before I left)DVLLRbP.jpg

Then Walked around the city with our tour guide the next day, before our performanceiiPnh3W.jpg

We stopped in at Christ Church Cathedral for a little sing (Which resulted with the music director handing our conductor a card and nicely demanded that we come back, no saying no!)IFP6oHe.jpg

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More back by St Mary's Church where we had our evening concert wwjoCrm.jpgUniversity Church of St Mary's where our concert was heldeHU7eno.jpgThen we head out to London!


Somewhere around here we saw Prince Charles get a police escort (Sorry I think I mean Bobby)


A place with surprisingly terrible fish and chips


The Concert in St. Paul's was probably one of the best moments of my life. Incredible space to make music!


Decided to drop in on an old friend and see if she was home


Headed over to Salisbury for a bit of sightseeing



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Dr. T grew a bit from the excitement at StonehengebagK3b3.jpg

We had to do an abbey road pic...sorry British drivers...




After that and more fun, we decided to have tea time! When in doubt, pinky out! Also, I don't know how you Brits can eat 5 scones so close to dinner time!


 Back at LAX after a miserable day of travel. They thought my tears were JUST from watching Lady in the Van! lol

aI95I3r.jpgActual jeans nowwtBLBPN.jpgbl1YeG9.jpg?1rgbQtY6.jpgStarting to get a little damage in the back left so I'm using that as an excuse to get new jeans to wear, while I get these repaired.


If you guys wanted to check out our sets at the Eisteddfod, check out here: http://www.llangollen.tv/ and look for Bob Cole Conservatory. 


Anyway I hope I didn't spam too many pictures, I took a lot so it was hard to narrow it down! I love the UK and I'm definitely going back sometime! 

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I have not posted any pictures here in ages.


I need to go through all my photos from the last couple of months.

I will start with these.

Not the best perhapps.

But more will follow in the coming days.

IH666UHR 148 days





IH666SII 264 days






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I have been in Norway for 3,5 weeks. Enjoying nature near the sea. My wife got a small cottage there. No running water and no electricity. It is my favorite place on earth.


My summer gear :)


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The cottage is in Fevik Norway.

It is located between Arendal and Grimstad on the east cost of norway.

The cottage has been there since 1930 and not much has changed since then. :)

Lost of old stuff.

I love being there. Being close to the water. Cutting down trees, (it grows alot from one year to another)

catching crabs, picking berries, swim, playing games with my kids, hiking along the coastline and stuff like that.

Sadly I did not take as many pictures this year as I usually do.

Most of them got my kids on them :) and those pictures are not something I share on the internet.

But I will have to look them through again. There are probably a few that I can share with you :)

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Now that I'm fully settled back home, here are some more random pics from my two weeks in England:


Guildford Castle, Surrey, my home base for the trip.




Abbot's hospital on Guildford High Street, commissioned in the 17th century by the Archbishop of Canterbury at the time, George Abbot, a native of Guildford. Now a retirement home.




Nothing special, but had to get my Cornish pasty on often:




Went to the Farnborough Air Show. Hard to get good photos of the show on an iPhone.




Went to Oxford for a day trip, here on the top of St. Michael at the North Gate (TCB Ranchman included):




Radcliffe Camera:




Christ Church/Hogwarts. Wasn't lucky enough to eat here, had to enter as a plebe and wait in a serious line.




Seemed like a wedding was taking place that day:




Bridge of Sighs:



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^I think there was around 75-100ish people. I thought it was very good, but I had a friend who tagged along who isn't into denim/clothing and he wasn't really a fan since the movie didn't explain stuff particularly well. But for all of us that isn't really a problem since we know a lot of the basic information anyway, and already know what they're talking about. But I guess for people not in the know, it was kind of confusing (what my friend said). 


I don't want to sound too negative haha, I really enjoyed it since I think it captured a lot of what we love in this niche hobby very well. Was very cool seeing/hearing how some of the guys developed their craft, and getting an idea of their vision. Also the Stevenson owners accent is fantastic. It wasn't perfect but I feel it is definitely a watch for all. And Young, if you see this, the soundtrack was great!

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What the forest's actually look like. The brown patches are what I am re-planting






Slight detour on our way to another contract to Jasper NP. Skinny dipping on the Athabasca R.




fanciest moving truck I have had to date.






First day to plant over 4000 trees.








not mine...sadly.





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Louise Falls, NWT






Fishing on Great Slave Lake, Yellowknife








Season's done. First Stop Squamish BC


Hiked the Chief with my little cousin on my back.






Next to the Black Tusk with brothers.




To the tippy top!





My last Stop was Haida Gwaii, I will have those photos up soon.

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Dude, so awesome! I'm moving back up to Squamish next week and have been sorely missing that view from the first peak of the chief. Great photos from up north too—i'm looking forward to seeing what you did on Haida Gwaii!

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x post from Warehouse thread. Click on photos for better resolution (especially the front side one).



345 days of wear into the 1001.  Wanted to hold out to 350 for a wash, but they were getting too stinky.


Wearing a lot like my LVC 55s, and that's not a good thing.  After this most recent wash, I can see they're getting thin above the left knee, in the same spot I eventually had to patch on the Levis, and I'd prefer to not have to patch or darn these there.  Planning on slowing down the amount of wear from here on out in the DWC.  Plan is to finish the contest at 450 days of wear.





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