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  1. joe_poww

    Samurai Jeans

    These Jeans are recently retired, but still have a special place in my...closet s710xx 19oz, lot 14
  2. joe_poww

    Iron Heart Jeans

    A little update on my 634s' It has been a long time with the jeans, but these have become my daily pair now that my Sam's are retired. They were repaired by the wonderful people at Detroit Denim. These have accompanied by on a lot of travels, rodeos in Alberta Ca, driving across the US and Canada up to Alaska (in January), winter hiking in Quebec, and plenty of walks with the pooches! ^most recent photos Good ol' Northern Alberta Rodeo! (wearing Barbour jacket, IH's, and thrifted Frye square toes) Hanging in Alaska with the quintessential Alaskan dog at -40 Hiking in Quebec... And the Pups