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    Momotaro 0301-18classified

    View Advert Momotaro 0301-18 Momotaro 0301-18 Tight Tapered Size 30 Brand new $190 shipped OBO (willing to negotiate) These jeans were unsanforized, but were too tight for me after the initial soak. Soaked in hot water for 45 minutes so all of the measurements are accurate and should not change/shrink with additional washes. Blue Owl Product Page - https://www.blueowl.us/products/0301-18-zimbabwe-cotton-18oz-unsanforized-selvedge-denim-tight-tapered-fit?variant=24677056065 Actual Measurements - Waist - 15.25" - Rise - 9.5" - Thigh - 10.25" - Knee - 7.6" - Hem - 6.2" - Inseam - 33" I honestly fell in love with this 18oz. Zimbabwe cotton which is slightly slubby and slightly hairy. To my surprise there is a decent amount of texture on these. Advertiser mf_drew Date 01/12/2018 Price $190.00 Category denim  
  2. View Advert Rogue Territory Stanton 14.5oz Raw Indigo Size 27 SIZE 27 (for some reason there is no option for 27 on supertalk's ad posting) --> EDIT: NOW FIXED! Brand new, I tried them on twice but they were too tight on me Asking $160 shipped or trades Waist 14.5 Front Rise: 9.75 Back Rise: 14 Thigh: 10.75 Knee: 7.25 Hem: 6.75 Inseam: 36 Advertiser mf_drew Date 05/22/2017 Price $160.00 Category denim  
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    Thanks, I took your advice into consideration I just wanted to see if I could get another opinion or see if anyone had experience with both cuts
  4. mf_drew


    Can I get a fit check on these Petit New Standards? These are size 28 and I'm usually a size 30. I like the fit on the legs, but the front and back rise is a little high and I have a pretty flat ass so it's making the fabric in the seat loose and saggy. Should I go for size 28 Petit Standards?
  5. mf_drew

    Naked & Famous Denim

    My Skinny Guy Dirty Fades at a few days under a year
  6. mf_drew

    Pure Blue Japan

    Got my PBJs back from Railcar after getting them hemmed and tapered. Pretty happy with the fit!