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WAYWT destroyed my life (2014)


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um HELLO ur on superfuture.com dont u know its called NEG REP??? get with the MEMES my man, this is not an UPBOAT system, its called +1 -1, its completely different, god dont u fellow sufu users hate it when stupid REDDITORS come here and dont respect our internet culture? like SHEESH, this is the most respected website on the internet, populated by only the most well dressed 5'2 chinese teenagers, and u have the audacity to come on here talking about DOWNVOTES??? i cast u down, i cast u down into the dirt, i spit onto ur entire family, dont ever come on my website with ur FILTH again

fuck you, man

you look like a malnourished version of Amber Rose

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kitty outshines my name

glad to see fruit loops was included tho

perhaps you should look into buying a tote for your groceries

if I'm not carrying a bag big enough to stash my cereal I will just carry it in my arms.

hate collecting the paper bags to recycle plus dimes add up

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