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The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

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I am selling or exchanging two Acronym items. If someone has a 3A-5-TSR or a T13 in size "M" I would love to take this.


What is for sale is just used since May 2013. Everyting is in great condition and will come in the original packaging.

The items are located in Germany so shipping within Europe is a little cheaper. Therefore give me an email where do you would like to have them and I will calculate. I will ship with DHL.

Payment could be done via normal bank transfer or paypal.


For sale:


A 3A-1 Limonta (Bought it in spring in Berlin) Probably one of the last ones that were are available. Are no longer available through the Acronym homepage. No holes no spots. Price should be for discussion -> SOLD.




A 3A-L1-13 that was hardly used because my laptop is mostly on the desktop and I do not need to travel with it. So I haven´t used this great item. No holes no spots. Price should be for discussion -> SOLD


Please click on the descriptions if you need more information. Pictures are below.






















My special offer: Both items with free shipment worldwide and a 3A-WK2 Keyring that could be installed inside the 3A-1 is SOLD!


These just came in--great seller, by the way--and I've decided I'm not a fan of the 3A-1. (Just barely want to keep my 3A-8ts, so I don't know why I thought this would wow me.)


I know there were a few others interested at the time, so hit me up and hopefully we can make a quick turnaround.


Also for sale:


DS-HD2 Black size Large, $510 shipped.

DS-HD2 Dust size Large, $510 shipped. 

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That's the whole point; if I spend my money on something I want to enjoy it. (i.e. be happy with.) Sometimes you just don't know until it's in your hands. I'm certainly not one to settle.




***Threw you a little pos rep there, Benji; up your juju since you're feeling all judgemental today. 

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^ I can put you in contact with someone who is willing to sell one, but he's asking near retail…when there's still jackets in this size available. Maybe he'll negotiate. 

Yeah, Idk about paying retail for a used ACR jacket unless it's my grail (DS-J5).. even that decision is not rock solid. 


haven still has one last time i went 


Bodega has them too in my size.  I just can't justify spending that much for it, at least for right now.

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Acronym p1-e. pant ,epic cotton version
Size large = 32 to 34 waist( these have internal Velcro waist adjusters)
Excellent condition
£175 delivered ( these will also be shipped with tracking and low value to avoid any further custom charges)

Also very similar to this version
But these don't have the adjustable waist

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Size XL

Mint condition with info sheet
Simple design
Gore-tex soft shell

Not much else to say

Looking for around £325 all in

some better pics - http://www.firmamentberlin.com/acronym/10621/gt-j15_gore-tex_interops_hooded_jacket.html

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for sale is a package of two Items that are not perfectly fitting me. Both items comes with the original packaging. The shirt arrived in the last week and I just tried the size.


The set contains of a P9-E in olive that is worn four times and has no stains, etc. Size is "L". The other Item is a brand-new Acronym T6 in Size "L" and in color black. The width of the T6 is 56cm from pit to pit. Have one in "M" that fits me much better.


The price I am looking for is 500 EUR for the set. Please feel free to make your offers if you think that this price is not your choice. The items are located in Germany. So shipping inside Europe is the easiest but it is no problem to ship it to other continents.




Both Items are still available. Please make an offer if you are interested in both or just single items.

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Both Items are still available. Please make an offer if you are interested in both or just single items.




the trouser is no longer for sale. The t-shirt is still available. Please let me know if you are interested.

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1.) I'm going to start fielding interest for my 3A-8TS x-PAC with MK1 and 3A-L1-13. (Need to realize I'm living beyond my means and that, really, I'm not all that technical of a guy.) 


The bag has been used for 2 months as a simple shoulder bag carrying my laptop and various folders and paperwork. The MK1 has been used to hold my laptop accessories. 9.5/10 condition. 3A-L1-13 has not been used.


Would prefer to ship within North America as shipping abroad will be, at the very least, $100. (Please don't bitch about this.)


Serious interest only. Lowball offers will be ignored or politely dismissed. 


2.) DS-HD2 Hoodies (size Large) are up for grabs on e-bay but please, feel free to make me some reasonable buy-it-now offers via pp invoice. 

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Size XL

Used only a few times from new so mint condition

Puchased from hanon shop

Not sure whats it's worth so say half price




You dont happen to have any fitpics?

I am possibly interested, depending on how the fit on this is!



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