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The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

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4ex, Tao & Appleseed...

A few questions about the S-J14 (for me & possibly others).

- Is the suspensor adjustable?

- Does it actually "lock" into the jacket somehow? Meaning if you take off the jacket is it attached to the suspensor so that it comes off together?

- Is the suspensor made so that the mp, mk or mts can attach in replace of the mp2ts? Seems like its possible from the old video...

Any info's appreciated.

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Adjustable: No. Best get the right size.

Lock: Yes. The jacket attaches to it with Velcro, so you take take both off easily, while also being able to doff the jacket separately. Note that conceptually the jacket hangs off of the harness, not the other way around.

Compatible with 3a: Yes, in principle. The MP2TS pouches each attach via 2 molle connectors, one on each side of the pouch. The other side of those molle straps is attached to a fidlock system with additional press stud for securing it in place. That's actually quite a clever setup. My guess is this would work generally for 3A attachments with molle webbing on both sides.

One thing to note is that the fidlocks look the same as the ones used by the keychain but they don't interoperate. The wrong end of the fidlock is on the harness, so you cannot attach the keychain end to that.

Hope that helps.

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Acronym  GT-J27PL Gore-Tex Paclite Hardshell Field Jacket.


Size L (BNWT) (incl. tags, plastic bag, paper description)


Jacket is in Moscow.


Worldwide shipping.


Any questions please pm me












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Does anyone have arm warmers ds-sl1 ?? If so, how do they fit?


I sold mine last week but only tried them on once. They fit slim, have a bit of stretch and are adjustable at the biceps. 4exohte was also selling one (XL) so he might have more detailed info but my impression was the ds-sl1 is tts and you shouldn't worry about fit.

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