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The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

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All - 


Came across a pretty sizable ACRONYM inventory recently with a contact I made at Concrete.  Working through him I've pulled together the list of items he's looking to unload.


These items are not listed on their site so you'll need to contact Dirk, the manager, directly.  Drop him an email mentioning how you heard about the inventory or my ID here on SuFu...


It's gonna be a first come...first serve deal so don't hesitate on pulling the trigger....ENJOY !!!!


PM me with your email address and I can send you the list in an Excel version.



[email protected]



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For Sale:

Acronym 3A-5TS

Limonta Version

new, never used, with original packaging, specsheet and tag (which has been removed however)

---- S O L D ----





Interest check on Acronym HY-J3S jacket, size L


Looking for 350 Euro

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@hyfvr - they'll ship for free on orders over â‚¬500...

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still looking for a goretex 3L hardshell in medium / large with a stowable or removable hood. i'd like a GT-J27 but am definitely open to others. 

If you check the list above that @Jward451 posted you will see that Concrete has 2 GT-J28's in stock in size MD. They are also willing to reduce the value to avoid import costs.


There's also a GT-J29 with a removable hood in MD on the bay right now and a size LG acronym Gore jacket for 650 starting bid. 


If you going to post a blanket WTB then check the bay and the previous posts first.

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Withdrawn, no longer for sale

Just in today but just not me

Awesome pant

Brand new FW13/14

P10-S. In RAF Green

Size Large

Ideally want a swap for something acronym size large/XL

Or £400 delivered worldwide


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Maybe people should:

- Look a few pages back to see if an item they want was posted before posting their WTB

- Be specific that if it was posted, that it's not in their price range and they're looking for items cheaper

- Or before posting, sellers can check to see if others are looking to buy the item and reach out to the person first

- Update posts if still available or sold.

- Color code WTB, WTS or WTT posts so people can can sort through posts quicker instead of having to scan them.


Just my suggestions, but it would be a collective effort...

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Got it today. Thank you jward451, for the contact and Dirk from concrete for taking orders via e-mail on a sunday evening


No problem....enjoy.


I'll try and get an update on the remaining inventory and post it.

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@loremipsum - Bodega's got the 3A-MK1 in limited stock....


Check it : http://shop.bdgastore.com/collections/acronym/products/3a-mk1



Dophinski, firstdoorontheleft, & zeusneckone are right...gotta do some digging before posting WTB's....lots of good resources out there....

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Updated Inventory...got some price drops in green.  


Free shipping on orders over â‚¬500


[email protected]


Red boxes below represent items on reserve...


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I'm just going to ping this one again in case there's even a remote chance it will interest someone:


Does anyone have a SET-3 in MEDIUM or LARGE they'd like to trade for a SMALL?\


Also, E-J21 (small) and DS-SL1 (large) now up for sale. 

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Sorry dude, can you explain the price drops? The price including VAT has remained the same as last time but the price excluding VAT has dropped. How much would we pay if we have to pay the VAT? Or is the green the price including VAT on sale?


Hey...good point, I think it would be safe to assume that you'd need to add the 21% to the lower price if VAT applies in your country.  


Dirk knows I live in the US so I'm betting that's why he only lowered the Excluding VAT column, probably thought it was posting only in the US....but let me check with him and update the thread.  


In the mean time if you're hunting for one of those pieces, by all means drop him a line and he'll work it out.  

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