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The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

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On 10/1/2019 at 3:37 PM, gosgjkaj said:


J1A-GT 2.0 Small 8.5/10 (missing sticker on bag) $1600++

P23A-S Raf Small 9.5/10, full pack $1200++

P32-DS Small full pack 9/10 $1050++

3A-3TS 2018Xpac full pack 9/10 $1000++


J1A-GT 2.2 Xsmall

For / WTB:

J47A-WS Small

J1TS-S Bicolor Small

P30-DS/CH Small

3A-MZ3 Sliver Foil

Based in the UK

Prices dropped, open to offers.

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P10A-DS, Medium, unworn/NIB, full pack, purchased Sept 2019 from mothersite, int’l shipping okay, located in US, USD$1100 ++

Refs here, on FB group, Discord, and Grailed 



3A-MZ3 Black Foil, 9.5/10 no signs of wear


3A-MZ3 Olive X-Pac 

would also sell for $299++ USD

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Sold 3A-MZ3
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On 9/20/2019 at 10:35 PM, cbhorsetice said:


J36-S, RAF, Size XL - $1780 (retail) + shipping + fees OBO DS

P10TS-DS, Size L - $700 + shipping + fees OBO (8.5-9/10, worn a handful of times)

3A-1 XPAC, Olive - $1280 (retail) + shipping + fees OBO DS

WTT Lunar Force 1 '17 (DS) Size US11 for 11.5. 

still looking. had a few folks flake on me

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 J1A-GT 2.0 sz M full pack worn a handful of times, perfect condition 

for J1A-GT 2.0 sz L.

Will sell for $2000 shipped

P10TS-DS sz M full pack 9/10 for p31-ds sz M or p34-e sz M I can add

But if not I'm down to sell for $800 within the US just a tad more for international or if I think you're cool enough I'll eat the shipping.

Roborace Black shirt sz M for sz L

Roborace black hoodie sz M for sz L 


3a-MTS6 -$220

3a-wk3 $260

+ shipping 


p31-ds M possibly p34-e sz M if I sell some stuff

Crimson LF1 sz 8.5

Located in NYC 

J58ws L , J47a-ws L

coevo short sleeve, long sleeve and hoodie in black size L. 

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Price reduction added / re
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Acronym J56-GT 

Size: Large

Condition: 9/10, no major flaws, minimal signs of wear, very tiny piece of tape peel in the hood

Specsheet, Sling, Hood and replacement bag

STEAL PRICE: £875 + Fees & Shipping

London based

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On 9/27/2019 at 7:34 PM, rz.fresco said:


J49-SS - M - Jacket only




Items I'm looking for:

P10A-DS/E - XS or S

P31-DS - S

J58-WS - M

J68-WS/S - M

J47A-WS - S or M

J51-WS - S or M

3A-1 black X-pac

Price for J49-SS - £800 +S +F (free shipping in UK)

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Hello everybody,

Doing a little cleaning and want to sell the following :

J63A-FO - Large (9.5/10) : 1200€ ++

P15-CH night - Small (7/10) : 510€ ++ (No bag, no sheet)

P24-S RAF (7/10) Fw16-17 : 850€ ++ (Sheet only)

P23TS-S BLACK - Medium (8/10) : 700€ ++ (Sheet only) (SOLD)

3A-2 XPAC from 2019 (10/10) : 500€ ++ (SOLD)

Price is sliglty negotiable.

Will be happy to provide pics.
Located in France.

Add shipping and Paypal fees.

Looking for : 
P30A-DS in size Medium
P23A-S black in size Medium (10/10)

FYI : I’ll be in London from 31/10 to 02/11

Thanks a lot

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On 8/28/2019 at 9:27 PM, Mixture said:


J65-AK Size L - $600 $550 Net (9/10 condition comes w/ only spec sheet). $OLD.

P30A-DS Size S - $1400 net (New, Full Pack) $OLD.

3A-MZ5 Black X-Pac Pair - $285 $250 Net (Like new, Full Pack). $OLD.

J61-GTV Size S -  $1850 Net-  Brand new with spec sheet and bag. $OLD.

P23A-DS Size S $1750 Net - Barely worn - 9/10 condition (No spec sheet/bag)

Please add 3% PP (or gift) + shipping


Added p23a-ds

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WTB: Acronym jacket sling, either green or black is fine. Acronym isn't replying to my emails and I really miss my jacket sling, current one is too old to support the weight of epic cotton. Thank you. 

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16 minutes ago, Gordn1 said:


Sold my XL S-J1A would like to buy size medium or small Raf Body jacket with contrasting black sleeves to fill its spot please send me your recommendations

Do not recommend selling to this guy. Save yourselves the trouble.

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FS:bundle 1

ng4-ak bnwt 

ws-cp4 bnwt 

1450 usd net


FS:bundle 2

P24-S raf size m full set 8/10 condition

P17-DS size s pants only 9/10 least

1650 usd net


FS:bundle 3


3A-1 limonta version(yeah, limonta again) 9/10 with overall lovely conditions, no spec and ziplock though

P22-S raf size m, bnwt 

1850 usd net


non bundled


3a-MK1 blk

3A-MK3 blk

all go for retial plus shipping and taxes n fees i paid


PICS to be added on the go

no spilt sale



J40-CH size m

J66-GTV size m

J55-MP size m


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On 10/6/2019 at 2:06 PM, P_Zen said:




°Size S

°Condition: 7+/10

Thank you!

Based in Austria.


Edit: also WTB

S13-W (Nemen Collab)


°Size S

°Condition: 7+/10

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On 8/22/2019 at 6:18 PM, jeddyhsu said:

Want To Trade: 

3A-3TS - 3rdArm (2011) in black X-Pac with olive straps + _Coded sidearm


3A-1 in Black X-pac with Olive or Black straps.


  Reveal hidden contents








Now for sale. 

$950 shipped domestically. 

Shipping fees if international.

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On 9/29/2019 at 1:00 PM, yankees19032002 said:


- J36-S Black - Size M - Brand New - US$1550 US$1450

- J47TS-GT Black - Size M - Brand New - US$1950 US$1850

- J73-WS - Size L - 9/10 - US$1150 US$1050

J72-DS White - Size M - Brand New - US$1050 US$950

- S21-DS - Size M - 9/10 - US$850 US$750

- J74-PX Black - Size M - Brand New SOLD

- J72-DS Black - Size M - 10/10 SOLD

- P30-DS - Size S - 9/10 - ON HOLD

Worldwide Shipping US$50 + 4.5% PP fees

Bump. Updated with new pricing, everything is under retail

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