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The HWDC2 code on the checkout page for the 15% discount on the Steel Feather SF0121 jean purchased for the competition should be coded in by Thursday.

This will price them at

£208.25 GBP

$323 USD

€263.50 EUR

Shipping is free worldwide (and super fast)

Will confirm the code once it is live.

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Anyone interested in entering the heavy weight denim contest with a pair of 21 oz Steel Feather jeans will receive a 15% discount on the full price. Just enter the code HWDC2 into the coupon on the check out page. The same discount will be applied to any other goods bought in the same transaction.


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About 10 days shy of the 3 month mark wearing Hiut Denim slim selvedge. This Kuroki fabric got lots of attention at the launch party. They are extremely comfortable to wear. This is in no small part to the ecru twill internal lining around the waist band. The same twill is used to reinforce the pockets. Instead of bombing around London on a mountain bike like I used to I now spend a lot of time at the computer yet some sweet contrast is developing on these jeans.




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We'll have the new Wabash 7012W shirt from the Flat Head in store later this month and the HNW-68W western. Sizes 38-44.

We'll do our own fit and detail shots once they're here. In the meantime, a taster courtesy of The Flat Head.





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Crosspost from the Steel Feather (MiJ) Official thread:

Confirmed: "HWDC2" coupon code is now working at the check out of Rivet and Hide. 15 % off on SF jeans, as well as any other item you pick up at the same time; so if you want a high quality belt or new wallet with your jeans, or even a great shirt, then now's the time to get them.

Looking forward to see what people can do to my Steel Feather denim in the Superheavy category of the next round of Heavyweight Denim Championship!

They can be bought at this contestant exclusive price at: Rivet & Hide (London)



(Above: The slightly unclear typography on the patch says: Comfort & Durability, and Hand Made in Okayama. This writing becomes more readable with wash and treatment with leather oil.)

Steel Feather champions, suit up! :)

Kind Regards

Anders Helseth

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Cross-post from HWDC 2 thread

I was doing some shots of the latest heavy flannel from The Flat Head we now have (HNW-68) which goes up in store this week.

Got some sweet details of Junior's Steel Feather jeans which have been worn only evenings/weekends for 6 months.

The fades for such light wear are impressive with great contrasts developing.

15% discount on any SF0121 jeans for this competition. Code; HWDC2 at check out.


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We opened in August and have been running a 10% discount on all first orders. This promotion ends at Christmas just over a month away.

We now have a good stock of The Flat head 3001, 3009 & 2001 jeans, heavy flannels and shirts from Real Japan Blues.

We have 12oz and 14.oz denim from Railcar, a good stock of Hiut denim & Nudie Jeans selvedge range & leather goods from Obbi Good Label.

Payment can be made in US Dollars, pounds and Euros. If the price has not defaulted to your currency of choice based on your IP address just click on the £,$ or € signs.

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Perfect timing for the latest addition to our The Flat Head flannel selection. The weather is definitely turning colder. The brushed lining keeps the heat in and is super soft to wear.

10% off first-time orders until Christmas


Slim silhouette

Selvedge flannel fabric

Brushed lining

Chain stitched main body

Diamond shaped stud buttons

Gusset straps





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I've just received my Hemmed Jeans Back from Rivet&Hide - a very nice job.

Thread matched perfectly, terminated well and you can see the pull created by the tension of the Union Special - will create a nice roping effect.

Thanks again guys.

It was a pleasure, U. We used this cool little knife to cut the thread after the stitching had been done which be picked up at Tsukiji market in Tokyo last week.


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Our 10% off all first order promotion ends at Christmas so just a month to go to take advantage of it.

Our flannels from The Flat Head and Real Japan Blues have been very popular. This is our collection of shirts and tops to date:

HNW-52W red



HNW-52W green



The same custom made fabric in the less fitted HN-52W work wear style



The latest addition HNW-68W western style flannel


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Real Japan Blues Hound's Tooth Flannels in burgundy and black (NW-109L)





CS201L chambray Houn'd Tooth (soft as silk)




The classic Flat Head 7001W denim 10oz selvedge denim shirt



The Flat Head loopwheeled cotton Jacquard hoodie


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A customer from Los Angeles attempted to make a purchase overnight and a sales tax was incorrectly applied at the check out page.

I have had my web guys look into it and annoyingly there was a mistake in the system that applied 8% to any orders from a couple of zip codes in NY & CA. This has now been corrected so apologies to anyone else who may have got this far at check out from one of the affected zip codes.

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Our good friends at Railcar Fine Goods shared these images with us. They are a pair of Spikes X002 jeans after 15 months wear and they're looking pretty Fine. They are made with Cone Mills red line selvedge denim. These young denim artisans from Los Angeles are reaping some cool vintage.






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Today we received some new leather goods from our friends at Obbi Good Label.

From the Brave series the Horween leather key pouch in oxblood and black. It can hold up to six keys with a trigger hook to attach to a belt loop.


The latest brass key hook.


The London tan 14" braided leather wallet rein.


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are you planning to stock pbj in the new year? If so which cuts?

Hi Geeman,

Yes our first order of PBJ should arrive in January.

Some of the items are not yet in stock so waiting to hear about the production schedule before i can be more specific.

Happy Christmas,


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