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Got my black coated slims yesterday...

Good fit. Did you size down 1? They look tight in the waist, but slim everywhere else. I have the opposite problem, loose in the waist but tight everywhere else. These things are like a boa constrictor on my knees and calves. But I sized down 2...

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actually i went for my true size (my waist is 33, so i went for a size 31)

they pretty much fit me just right, not too tight or loose in any areas

maybe a bit baggy in the bum, but i'm not too fussed

So you sized down two. If you went TTS you would be wearing a tagged 33. How the hell is your fit so loose? Your waist must be unproportionally bigger than your thighs/calves. I sized down two (true 32, tagged 30) and I've got the "Sidney Lo" fit going on.

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Yeah. I have the same exact problem with my 210s. So far I've been wearing them rolled a little with some chukkas. But I'm a little weary to pair them with any kind of low top, because of how they fall.

At the same time however, I kind of like how the larger leg opening keeps them from looking like ordinary 'skinny' jeans.

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