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3sixteen Jeans


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8 hours ago, JDelage said:

The 3Sixteen sweat pants are the best ones IMHO. Their sweatshirts are also very nice but the pockets add quite a bit of bulk.

This man gets it! Yea their sweats are cut kinda on the long side too. I think the Small and Mediums look fine but the larger sizes can get pretty long

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Looking to buy another pair of 3-16s. I'm swayed towards the CT-100x, [sanforized, singed & calendered].

Has anyone had any experience with this cut? I'm just on the cusp of a true 32" waist, so was thinking of getting Size 30 which comes in at a 31.5" waist. But I believe @shredwin_206 mentioned there's very little stretch in the waist. [I don't know if this was for raw or sanforized]. So I'm stuck whether to get the 30s or 31s. I'm leaning towards the 31s.

 R&H size guide. 


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@Tapori 3sixteen is pretty much the only brand that I struggled getting much stretch in the waist. I would lean towards the larger size if you’re between the two. 

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