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Found 63 results

  1. RIVET & HIDE, London. Info etc...

    Hey all, Welcome to Rivet & Hide. We are a London based premium raw denim store starting life online with plans afoot for a bricks and mortar home in the future. We offer free shipping worldwide and our UPS account will ensure a fast and reliable delivery around the world. I have been a SuFu member for years sharing thoughts, ideas and countless questions about denim and clothes that are made with heart and soul. This inspired me to set up and finally bring Rivet & Hide to life. Some of the brands will be familiar to you but part of the concept is to bring new and less well known denim producers into the sphere and we have worked hard to get that balance right. It has been a lot of fun meeting many of the people behind the brands and seeing their skills at work. We have clocked up many miles visiting them around the world making new friends along the way. A shorter trip through the Welsh valleys to beautiful Cardigan Bay to meet the Hiut Denim guys was just as rewarding. A special thanks for all the help and support from Giles & Paula at Ironheart UK and Anders Helseth of Steel Feather. We struck gold with a Union Special 43200g which was sourced from California. It’s in mint condition and dates back to 1950. Any hemming requirements can be consummately fulfilled. We have measured all our stock individually. We have not relied on suppliers or anyone else’s measurements. Our HOW WE MEASURE guide is based on BiG (thank you) with the addition of a hip measurement. We offer a 28 day returns policy with full refunds. Shipping included. The launch brands are: Railcar Fine Goods Steel Feather Flat Head Real Japan Blues Hiut denim co Nudie jeans Obbi Good Label. As we go into the Autumn we will be adding to our launch stock including some more great shirts from The Flat Head’s Winter collection, and introducing you to a new Japanese brand. We are planning a launch party hosted by our friends at Kaffeine, Great Titchfield Street, in Central London in the Autumn and will give you the heads up closer to the time. You will be more than welcome to join us. Feel free to ask any questions here or contact us at danny@rivetandhide.com or info@rivetandhide.com http://rivetandhide.com/
  2. Pure Blue Japan

    So I thought it might be good to start a new thread for Pure Blue Japan denim as a whole instead of having sepperate threads for each individual model. If anybody has anything they think I left out just pm me. Pure Blue Japan is a Japanese clothing company that specializes in jeans but also carries other types of clothing. Pure Blue Japan jeans are easily purchased through Blue in Green SoHo, or by using a proxy from Japan. No PBJ jeans have acruates right now, but instead will have a small embroidered indigo leaf on the left edge of the back right pocket. PBJ jeans are usually avalible in both raw and one-wash form, depending on where you are purchasing them from. Most of the jeans will have an inseam varying from 32-34.5 inches, so do not expect much stacking. Store info: 150-0001 
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 3-31-20-102 
 TEL/03-3408-6644 FAX/03-3408-6826 PBJ Jean Models: Al-001: The denim for this jean is dyed with natural indigo, as opposed to synthetic which is used on most jeans. It is much heavier than the other pbj denim, coming in at 18.5 ounces. The fit is similar to that of the XX-03/6, meaning they are somewhat loose and vintage fitting. They are also very slubby. These will retain their color for longer than the other pbj's, but if you are patient and want a pair of jeans that will fade into something beautiful, this is what you want. They are avalible in even sizes from 26-42. http://www.purebluejapan.jp/bottoms/ai/5p/ http://blueingreensoho.com/site/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=shop.flypage&product_id=21&category_id=&manufacturer_id=9&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=28 XX-003: This jean has a vintage straight fit. It is made out of PBJ’s well known 14.5 ounce super slubby denim, which has an indigo warp and white weft. They are produced in sizes 25-34, and then 36, 38, 40, and 42. It is avalible in indigo only. http://www.purebluejapan.jp/bottoms/02_5p/xx003/ http://blueingreensoho.com/site/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=shop.flypage&product_id=23&category_id=&manufacturer_id=9&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=28 XX-004: This jean is a slim through the waist to knees, but then it widens out into a bootcut fit. It is made using the same slubby 14.5 ounce denim that is used in the XX-003 and XX-005 models. It flared out from the inside of the leg, which means the selvedge line is still intact. This is also avalible only in indigo. They are offered in sizes 28-34, and then 36. http://www.purebluejapan.jp/bottoms/02_5p/02xx004_shrunk_to_fit/ http://blueingreensoho.com/site/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=shop.flypage&product_id=41&category_id=&manufacturer_id=9&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=28 XX-005: Their most popular slim fit jean. It is slim like the XX-004 through the thigh to knee, but then remains as a straight fit from the knee to hem. This means that the knee is exactly the same size as the hem. This is also made out of the slubby denim. This is the only pair that is avalible in both black & indigo. They are made in sizes 28-34, and then 36. http://www.purebluejapan.jp/bottoms/02_5p/04xx005_shrunk_to_fit_black/ http://www.purebluejapan.jp/bottoms/02_5p/03xx005_shrunk_to_fit/ http://blueingreensoho.com/site/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=shop.flypage&product_id=45&category_id=&manufacturer_id=9&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=28 Here’s an example of headtowall’s pair after about a year or so of wear. http://www.superfuture.com/supertalk/showpost.php?p=280356&postcount=95 XX-006: This jean has a vintage fit, which is similar to that of the XX-03. It is, however, made of a different denim. This denim is lighter in color and weight than the denim that is used for the XX-003/4/5 models. First of all, it is 13.5 ounces instead of 14.5. Also, it uses alternating medium indigo and lightish medium indigo threads to give it an overall vintage & streaky look. It is also non-slubby. It ages into a more vintage looking denim. The denim is weaved using vintage, low-tech techniques. They are offered from size 25-34, and then 36, 38, 40, and 42. http://blueingreensoho.com/site/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=shop.flypage&product_id=2223&category_id=&manufacturer_id=9&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=28 http://www.purebluejapan.jp/bottoms/02_5p/05xx006_neo_vintage_shrunk_to/ XX-007: This is a very nice jean with the same slim fit as the XX-005. It is different, however, due to not only having an indigo warp, but also having an indigo weft. It created a very deep indigo denim which appears black in dim lighting, but is blue under sunlight. The denim itself is very slubby as well. The stitching on this jean is different from all of the others because of it being black, as opposed to yellow or orange. They are avalible in sizes 28-34, and then 36. http://www.purebluejapan.jp/bottoms/02_5p/06xx007deep_indigo_shrunk_to_f/ http://blueingreensoho.com/site/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=shop.flypage&product_id=2805&category_id=&manufacturer_id=9&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=28 XX-008: This jean is made of the same streaky denim as the XX-006. It is different, however, due to its slim, XX-005/7 fit. It is offered from size 28-34, and then 36. http://www.purebluejapan.jp/bottoms/02_5p/07xx008_neo_vintage_shrunk_to/ http://blueingreensoho.com/site/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=shop.flypage&product_id=3116&category_id=&manufacturer_id=9&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=28 XX-009: This is the vintage, looser fit version of the XX-007. It is made with the exact same slubby, dual indigo denim. It is offered in sizes 25-34, as well as 36, 38, 40, and 42. http://www.purebluejapan.jp/bottoms/02_5p/08xx009deep_indigo_shrunk_to_f/ BiG doesn’t actually sell this pair of jeans, so a proxy is the best bet if you need these. Also, thanks a lot BiG and PBJ for the information I used to create this thread.
  3. View Advert PURE BLUE JAPAN XX-003 SZ. 28 Unworn and soaked.Measurements in inches:Waist 30 Thigh 10.75 Leg opening 8 Inseam 31.5 Advertiser STropio Date 05/05/2017 Price $225.00 Category denim  
  4. PURE BLUE JAPAN XX-003 SZ. 28

    Time Left: 5 months and 14 days

    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    Unworn and soaked.Measurements in inches:Waist 30 Thigh 10.75 Leg opening 8 Inseam 31.5


  5. Time Left: 3 months and 23 days

    • FOR SALE
    • MINT

    $275 SHIPPED CONUS // $250 pickup in SF (may also consider trades if you're in SF) Here's a link to the jeans on an online store: https://www.okayamadenim.com/products/pure-blue-japan-nc-011bk-slim-tapered Most beautiful pair of black denim I've ever held in my hands and they're nearly sold out everywhere. I bought these last week and tried them on once only but I'm so sad they don't fit my fat thighs. If anyone knows where I can get a size 32 please tell me. Measurements from website: Waist: 30.7" Front Rise: 9.6" Back Rise: 14" Upper Thigh: 10.6" Knee: 7.7" Inseam: 38" Leg Opening: 7.5"


  6. Hi all, So I sized these wrong, just received today and I'm way too fat to fit these on the waist. Also, I think I need the 009 cut instead, thighs are kinda tight here. THESE ARE FREAKING BEAUTIFUL DENIM THOUGH!!! I love PBJ! Never hemmed or altered, literally brand spankin new.. paypal or cash only! Just trying to recoup my money to buy a pair that fits. Ships from Hacienda Heights, CA 91745. Or local meet up if you guys are close. Going to take some pics now and will update thread in a bit. $150 shipped! img
  7. Cleaning out my closet for stuff I don't get to wear as often! Willing to accept offers. 1. Himel Bros. Brimaco Raider Cafe Racer - $1750 plus shipping This jacket is absolutely insane. Tagged size 36, fits like S. Made with 100% genuine Shinki tea-core horsehide that will gradually fade from deep black to a gorgeous brown as it ages. Weighs in at around 5 pounds and is built to take an absolute beating. Deadstock Lightning zippers, bi-swing back, and of course the absolutely unparalleled quality that David Himel is known for. If you know leather jackets, then you'll know that this is the creme de la creme. Retails for $2450. Worn lightly and still has plenty of breaking in left to do. It's a shame that I have to sell this as it's just slightly too small for me. Would totally be interested in trading for another leather jacket of similar quality in a larger size. Description from Himel's website: "The Raider jacket is an homage to one of the greatest café racer jackets ever made. Brimaco or British Mfg. Co of Montreal, Canada designed this iconic jacket in the 1950's after attending motorcycle races on the Isle of Man. The jacket has a distinctive British feel with a longer straighter torso and a simple clean back with bi-swing expansion gussets and a long chinstrap. We own so many originals of this great design that it barely required any tweaking, and this model uses our limited supply of original 1950's and 1960's Lightning zippers." MEASUREMENTS: P2P: 20" Shoulders: 17" Sleeve: 24.5" Back length: 26.5" Front length: 24" https://dfqickngpn7t8.cloudfront.net/AJdAgnqCST4iPtnUxiGtTz/cache=expiry:max/rotate=deg:exif/rotate=deg:0/resize=width:1100,fit:crop/output=format:jpg,quality:95/compress/XYjPXEAmQKmsg1EMJ119[/img] 2. The Real McCoy's M-422A Flight Jacket - $1150 plus shipping https://dfqickngpn7t8.cloudfront.net/AJdAgnqCST4iPtnUxiGtTz/cache=expiry:max/rotate=deg:exif/rotate=deg:0/resize=width:1100,fit:crop/output=format:jpg,quality:95/compress/mcslLUs7SuOKnR9V2Rdf[/img] Absolutely stunning M-422A flight jacket from The Real McCoy's New Zealand. If you know The Real McCoy's, then you'll know that everything they make is of the highest standards, from the material to the construction. This jacket is made with the finest goatskin and mouton fur and is built just impeccably. Faithful to the original details, but superiorly made. Measurements: P2P: 21" Shoulder: 17" Sleeve: 24.75" Length: 25.75" 3. Needles/Nepenthes (Engineered Garments) Horween Shell Engineer Boots, resoled by Brian the Bootmaker - $1500 plus shipping https://dfqickngpn7t8.cloudfront.net/AJdAgnqCST4iPtnUxiGtTz/cache=expiry:max/rotate=deg:exif/rotate=deg:0/resize=width:1100/output=format:jpg,quality:95/compress/ePB7rWcfRrKeG75LT7SO[/img] Needles (Engineered Garments) Engineer Boots made with genuine Color No. 8 Horween Shell Cordovan in tag size 9UK. I'd say they fit pretty TTS, although there is plenty of room for one to wear thicker socks. These were picked up from the Nepenthes shop located in New York City. Needles is the sister company of Engineered Garments (both owned by Nepenthes). This pair has also been re-soled by Brian the Bootmaker (Role Club) and converted to his signature hand-welt. They're really fresh too - worn under 10 times. Truly an amazing pair of boots. Shell cordovan engineer boots are pretty hard to come by, especially ones made with Horween (most other shell engineer boots are made with Shinki cordovan). 4. The Flat Head 6002W Type II Jacket - $350 plus shipping https://dfqickngpn7t8.cloudfront.net/AJdAgnqCST4iPtnUxiGtTz/cache=expiry:max/rotate=deg:exif/rotate=deg:90/resize=width:1100,fit:crop/output=format:jpg,quality:95/compress/RINrxGgSFazJbCpUp1cI[/img] Classic Type II jacket by The Flat Head in their Pioneer denim. Gently worn, practically new. Retails for over $500 at Self Edge. Size: 40 (no such thing as S/M/L) Front Length: 24.5 Arm Length: 34 Shoulder: 18.5 Pit to pit: 20.5 5. Evisu No. 2 Type I Jacket - $130 plus shipping https://dfqickngpn7t8.cloudfront.net/AJdAgnqCST4iPtnUxiGtTz/cache=expiry:max/rotate=deg:exif/rotate=deg:0/resize=width:1100,fit:crop/output=format:jpg,quality:95/compress/LrCQ4QAiTzavNJhhb1X6[/img] Pretty sweet Type I jacket by Evisu. Sick details all over, well worn and faded. Tagged size 40 fits S-M. See measurements below: pit to pit 21.5 inches opening 19 inches sleeve 24.75 inches overall length 23 inches shoulders 18.5 inches 6. Iron Heart Indigo-dyed Waffle Work Shirt (IHSH-96) - $225 plus shipping https://dfqickngpn7t8.cloudfront.net/AJdAgnqCST4iPtnUxiGtTz/cache=expiry:max/rotate=deg:exif/rotate=deg:0/resize=width:1100,fit:crop/output=format:jpg,quality:95/compress/uJmnA9JZQaNjDaYd8eZW[/img] Worn a handful of times, not really my style. No damage and in excellent condition. Fits excellent as either TTS or slightly tight as it's a slim fit with a hint of stretch due to the waffles knit pattern, though it's 100% cotton. Shirt is sold out in this size last I checked. Beautiful indigo dyed waffle fabric that we think will age amazingly Black cat's-eye buttons Chain stitch run-off Triple needle-stitch construction using self coloured needle and red bobbin threads All felled seam construction Rinsed, so there should be no appreciable shrinkage Model Sam wears a Medium, Giles wears X-Large in this shirt (rather than his normal Large) Measurements direct from IH: Shoulders 17.2 Length 27.8 PtP 21.5 Sleeve 24.8 Collar 17.1 7. Pure Blue Japan 5 Oz. Neppy Selvedge Western Shirt - $180 plus shipping https://dfqickngpn7t8.cloudfront.net/AJdAgnqCST4iPtnUxiGtTz/cache=expiry:max/rotate=deg:exif/rotate=deg:0/resize=width:1100,fit:crop/output=format:jpg,quality:95/compress/gs7l3nnXTxq6byH82P0s[/img] Shirt is basically brand new, worn no more than 2-3 times. Retails for $230 at Rivet and Hide. Tagged size 3 (fits like S). Check Rivet and Hide for exact measurements. -100% cotton 5 oz selvedge denim -Rope-dyed indigo -Western style / back yoke -Snap buttons -One wash (minimal shrinkage) -Felled seams -Chain stitch run-off -Embroidered "shoai" indigo plant leaf emblem -Crafted in Japan
  8. for sale is a pair of Pure Blue Japan x Rivet and Hide 24oz jeans, size 31. these were VERY limited and basically sold out in preorder. originally cost $400, looking for $200 shipped in the US. these have been worn for about 5 months and soaked once. they have some signs of wear, some whiskers, but no serious issues. basically just broken in enough to start to be really comfortable. check out the pictures and ask questions if you have them. actual measurements: Waist -- 15" Inseam -- 35" Thigh -- 11.25" Knee -- 7.75" Leg opening -- 7.5" Front rise -- 10" info and specs from Rivet and Hide: Our first collaboration with Pure Blue Japan combines the ever popular slim tapered fit with a substantial 24 oz. version of the X011 jean with a pale grey weft. This denim has an alternating blue and gold selvedge line. The indigo dyeing process of PBJ is a closely guarded secret but the famed technique coupled with this hefty weight denim guarantees a jean that will yield remarkable fades. -24 oz. 100% cotton selvedge denim from Okayama -Slim tapered fit -Indigo warp & pale grey weft -Gold and blue selvedge line -Button fly -Iron buttons -Chainstitched waistband and hem -Hidden rivets -Embroidered leaf emblem on back pocket -Crafted in Japan
  9. pure blue japan xx-012 sz.30

    180€ shipped Washed once and only worn two times at home. Beautiful jeans but unfortunately they don't fit me. Tag size: 30 Waist: 81cm/32" Front rise: 24,5cm/9,6" Back rise: 34cm/13,4" Thigh: 28cm/11" Hem: 17,5cm/7" Inseam: 90cm/35,5"
  10. Hello All, I just received my pure blue japan jeans a day ago and was super excited. Put them on and right away they were tight. Thought that maybe i could break them in and they would get better but then decided they are too tight for that even. I literally only wore them for less than 5 hours. Please message me if you are interested. I would like to get some money back on these so i can purchase a correct fit. please help Let me know if you have any questions. Message me with offers. $175 obo http://imageshack.com/a/img911/5295/s2NAh1.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img905/2803/LIA9X3.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img633/2728/2ygejF.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img903/159/vriIOO.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img910/2485/VBDnmi.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img911/881/Y80hMy.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img903/2144/8zVprv.jpg
  11. FS: Pure Blue Japan XX 11 from 2010

    hurts to sell my babies but they are up for grabs. 350 shipped / accepting offers. message me. Pure Blue Japan XX 11 Left Hand Twill Bought from Blue in Green in Fall 2010. Tag Size 27, Stretched to 29,30 http://liannesmiles.blogspot.com/for the progress pictures.
  12. SOLD! Just as title states...These have been hot soaked/worn lightly for 3 months only and I have decided to go with a larger size. The jeans are in great condition. Currently they are out of stock at blueingreensoho.com. http://blueingreensoho.com/site/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=shop.flypage&product_id=6677&category_id=&manufacturer_id=9&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=62 I'm looking for $160 shipped OBO and prefer to ship within the US only. I'm located in Los Angeles, CA and can arrange for local pickup.Paypal (paypal buyers will pay total + 4% fee) or money order only. Contact me through PM or email: michael.tran@cox.net. Actual Measurements: Waist: 32'' Front Rise: 10'' Upper Thigh: 10.75'' Knee: 8'' Leg Opening: 7'' Inseam: 34.5''
  13. Up for grabs today is a pair of Pure Blue Japan xx-012's. The price is £170. Those who know their denim will know about these, but for the uninitiated, this is a pair of slubby, super uneven, deep indigo jeans in a size 33. Made in Japan by the denim masters at PBJ using a combination of high and low tech production methods. They are unsanforized, and unsoaked, worn for an afternoon to try 'em for size but unfortunately they're snug already and therefore requiring a size up to accommodate the post-soak shrinkage. The fit is slim and tapered- a more fashion forward version of the xx-007 featuring PBJ's signature contrasty denim. NB FOR THOSE WHO DON'T KNOW: these should be submerged in hot water before the first proper wear and will shrink up to 2" depending on the temperature. All tags are still on- there's a minuscule amount of fading on the back pockets because these fade FAST. My own pics to follow but here's some stock images (courtesy Okayama Denim)/fade pics to whet the appetite! http://www.okayamadenim.com/collections/denim/products/pure-blue-japan-xx-012-slim-tapered http://cdn.rawrdenim.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/purebluejapandeepindigo.jpg Measurements per BiGS ***POST SOAK***: Waist: 32.5" Front Rise: 10" Back Rise: 14" Upper Thigh: 11.5" Leg Opening: 7.5" Length: 35" unhemmed
  14. Picked up these PBJs about 2 years ago and I've had them sitting in my closet ever since. 30 was too loose, while the 29s were too tight in the seat. They have approximately one month of wear. Chainstitched to ~32". Leaf tab version. Retails for $300 on Blue in Green's site. Looking for $200, Paypal and shipping fees including for CONUS. Other locations please contact me. Measurements: Waist: 15" Front rise: 10" Thigh at crotch: 10.75" Inseam: 32" Leg opening: 7.5
  15. All prices listed but also open to reasonable offers. Shipping to North America only. If you live in the US add $10 for extra shipping costs. Also add 4% for paypal fee. If you live outside of North America and are still interested Pm me to work something out. Take note that shipping will be expensive. All hemmed jeans are chain stitched and include the extra material All prices in USD BNWT Naked&Famous Deep Indigo Skinny Guy Sz 32 SOLD SEXI 14 Sz 34 SOLD Naked & Famous Weird Guy Low Tension Selvage Sz 31 SOLD Nudie Dirt Dry Organic Grim Tim Sz 32 Worn less than two weeks. Next to no fading except for a bit on the back right pocket where my wallet went. Price: $100 Waist: 35.5 Thigh: 12 Knee: 8.6 Leg Opening: 7.2 Rise: 10.1 Inseam: 32
  16. Ande Whall Grizzly denim jacket Small Brand spanken new, unworn. This jacket is a slim cut, lighter indigo, and one wash so minimal to no shrinkage. More details here: http://andewhall.bigcartel.com/product/grizzly-13oz-original Chest: 21" Back: 25.25" Sleeve: 24" Sleeve & shoulder: 29.25" Shoulders: 16.75" Waist: 18" Sold
  17. http://www.ebay.com/itm/141530580608 Pure Blue Japan XX-009 14oz deep indigo selvage regular tapered jeans. Both the warp and weft of these jeans are indigo-dyed; crazy fade effects (look for examples online). Worn three times, washed once. Crazy, super chunky slubby denim that feels amazing. Only VERY slight fading at edges -- lots more to come. These jeans have 99.9% of life remaining. Also, they fade quickly! Made in Japan, bought in Japan. Selling because I got fat, and I can't fit anymore, sadly. 31" tagged waist. Never hemmed to a shorter inseam. Actual measurements, to the best of my ability: Waist, laid flat: 16.25" Inseam: 34.5" Front rise: 10.5" Leg opening: 8" (Note: These are a bit tighter in the crotch than most jeans of similar measurements, FYI). $300 new. http://www.ebay.com/itm/141530580608
  18. SOLD Purchased these new from Blue in Green in 2008. They were worn pretty regularly for the first two years and very sparingly over the past three years. The warp and weft yarns are both indigo dyed, appearing almost black when new but now beautifully faded with lots of different hues and visible slubs when the light hits and a bit more subtle in low light. Last year I had these hemmed at Self Edge in SF and repaired at Denim Doctors in LA. The repairs included a small hole on the left back pocket, and the crotch was reinforced since it was starting to weaken causing a small hole to develop. The repairs were done using their "invisible" technique...not cheap but worth the money since it's pretty much the best repair job you can get and the crotch is now stronger than when the jeans were new. Still tons of life and fading left for their next owner. Measurements (Self Edge method): Waist - 14.5" Front Rise - 9.5" Back Rise - 13" Thigh - 10" Knee - 7" Inseam - 31" Hem - 6.75"
  19. With our very first post here on the official Okayama Denim thread on SuFu, we would like to introduce our online boutique and products to fellow denim junkies. Our passion for constantly updating and adding to our collection of premium "Made in Japan" denim products allow us to share the detailed construction, of carefully crafted Japanese jeans with an international audience. Along with our first post here, we are happy to announce Free Shipping on ALL products purchased at OkayamaDenim.com for the next month. Checkout Code: FreeShipOD This Free Shipping campaign extends to all the brands we carry including: Momotaro Jeans Pure Blue Japan FULLCOUNT Strike Gold among others... Feel free to e-mail us at info@okayamadenim.com for any questions regarding our webstore and service. We look forward to serving you. Learn more about Okayama Denim here.
  20. Up for sale: Sold - Sugarcane SC40400 - W32 - natural indigo Pending - Red Cloud R423XX - W32 Pure Blue Japan sweatshirt - size 4/L - indigo yarn dyed Sold - Real McCoy tee - size M - loopwheeled
  21. I'm trying to get enough money to buy a new pair, so these are all priced to sell. PayPal (+4% or as gift) is preferred Feel free to text me at 360 990 1535 with any offers/questions Iron Heart 301 size 31 Hemmed to ~32 Worn ~6 months in a rotation with other pairs, washed once. Waist - 32" Inseam - 31" Leg Opening - 7.25" $250 obo Flat Head 4001 size 31 Worn a few times, never washed $275 obo Naked & Famous Reverse Fades (these fade from coated to indigo) size 32 Worn ~5 times, basically flawless, never washed. $100obo Pure Blue Japan xx-013 size 31 Worn ~4 months in rotation with other pairs, washed once PLEASE NOTE THESE HAVE BEEN HEMMED TO ~29.5" They look great for the no socks look. $170obo (These retail for $305) APC New Cure size 29 (fit a 31 waist) Well worn, washed probably 3 or 4 times These are great if you're looking to come into an already faded pair. Make me an offer!
  22. PBJ, KMW, Nudie, all gotta go, which makes me sad! Shipping to USA included in each item, additional for fee int'l shipping TBC by your location. My eBay username is 'yurtman' for reference on reputation score etc. I'm based in SF, CA, USA. -- Pure Blue Japan XX-009 14oz deep indigo selvage regular tapered jeans. Both the warp and weft of these jeans are indigo-dyed; crazy fade effects (look for examples online). Worn three times, washed once. Crazy, super chunky slubby denim that feels amazing. Slight fading at edges, lots more to come. These fade quickly! 31" tagged waist. Never hemmed. Actual measurements, to the best of my ability: Waist, laid flat: 16.25" Inseam: 34.5" Front rise: 10.5" Leg opening: 8" (Note: These are a bit tighter in the crotch than most jeans of similar measurements, FYI). $300 new. Asking $200, inc. shipped in the US. (Additional fee for shipping int'l, based on your location). http://i859.photobucket.com/albums/ab159/xiaobenben1/38ff77c7-9ca9-40f8-ac67-9380a74fc5e9_zpscdaf4e1a.jpg http://i859.photobucket.com/albums/ab159/xiaobenben1/IMG_2505_zpsdcc63a2f.jpg http://i859.photobucket.com/albums/ab159/xiaobenben1/IMG_2503_zps59aa11b6.jpg http://i859.photobucket.com/albums/ab159/xiaobenben1/IMG_2502_zps5a1358f2.jpg http://i859.photobucket.com/albums/ab159/xiaobenben1/IMG_2501_zpsdf3a0e9a.jpg http://i859.photobucket.com/albums/ab159/xiaobenben1/84fa94d8-1bb4-4f51-afaa-ee724b12b590_zpsa8f8e036.jpg --- Kicking Mule Workshop 1980 slim fit jeans. Worn once, never washed. Basically look new. 31" tagged waist. Never hemmed. Actual measurements, to the best of my ability: Waist, laid flat: 16" Inseam: 34" Front rise: 10" Leg opening: 7.5" Thigh: 11.25" $250 new. SOLD --- Nudie 'Vladimir' grey melange sweater. Super chunky but also airy and lightweight (because 100% linen). Size large. Actual measurements, to the best of my ability: Pit to pit: 22" Center of collar to end of sleeve: 34" (This is a raglan sleeve, so no shoulder seam from which to measure) $200 new. Asking $125, inc. shipped in the US. (Additional fee for shipping int'l, based on your location). http://i859.photobucket.com/albums/ab159/xiaobenben1/IMG_2485_zpsce9f0ee0.jpg http://i859.photobucket.com/albums/ab159/xiaobenben1/IMG_2486_zpse232d245.jpg http://i859.photobucket.com/albums/ab159/xiaobenben1/IMG_2487_zps8d89a272.jpg http://i859.photobucket.com/albums/ab159/xiaobenben1/IMG_2488_zps9c45a838.jpg http://i859.photobucket.com/albums/ab159/xiaobenben1/IMG_2489_zpsedbdb96b.jpg