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3sixteen Jeans


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Fit looks good. Nice to see that you went with my recommendation to try the SL's. Generally, slim straights look better cuffed or hemmed than stacked. I fiddled with my SL's at the beginning and they just didn't look right with stacks so I cuffed them and have worn them like that since. It's good for the workwear or rockabilly look. I think they'd look good hemmed as well with a slight break, and would work well with basically any style.


I finally washed my SL's after 4 months of solid wear. Damn, these things are hard to fade. I've been wearing them at least 5 days a week and the fades are barely visible. Although I sit most of the day (salary man), I've worn them pretty hard with some occasional field work. I would have worn them longer before washing but they were starting to get filthy. I'll post pics later, but there really isn't much to see.

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yep spiderman :) thanks for the recommendation. Maybe i'll try cuffing them but if i do, they'd have to be cuffed a shitload to make up for the stacking unless i hem them. But what do I know?! this is only my second pair of raw denim so I still have to pay my dues.

thanks kixslf. Really looking forward to seeing how these jeans turn out compared to my N&F weird guys

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We just put up some summer accessories in our webstore:

The Weekender Kit consists of a duffel bag and a toiletry bag, both constructed of heavyweight 18oz canvas, cotton webbing straps, and natural tan leather accents. It's crafted by hand in the Pacific Northwest by second generation tentmakers. Within the toiletry bag, you'll find our travel-sized toiletry kit that we produced in conjunction with Dickson Hairshop:



We've also put up some restocks on some of our popular tie releases, and have added a few more new ones to the mix.


And last but certainly not least, we're finally releasing our Peanut Grizzly Quoddy for 3sixteen Deck Chukkas to the general public by popular demand. These were originally slated strictly for a Friends & Family release, but once photos leaked to the public, we were convinced to produce a small run for the summertime. They're available in all sizes from 8-12.


Everything is available at http://shop.3sixteen.com

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Richard Haines for 3sixteen.

Richard Haines is a menswear designer and artist who runs a fascinating blog entitled “What I Saw Today,†a visual record of all the inspiring outfits he sees while roaming New York. Recently, he was employed by J.Crew to help launch their new Men’s Shop in Manhattan - his artwork was used in their storefront display and he was on site doing live sketches of customers.

Several months ago, we commissioned Richard to help us with our FW09 campaign. We held a live sketch session with him and chose our favorite rendering to be used in a wheatpaste campaign covering lower Manhattan (as seen in our previous post). We brought on the talented Hilton Carter to document the session and also to capture a short interview with Richard, where he was able to talk about how his background and inspirations have influenced his illustration work. Here's a link to watch the video in HD:


And here are some images of the poster wheatpasted around NYC:






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3sixteen Nihon Menpu Black Selvedge Straight Leg Jean & Peanut Grizzly Chukka Boots

We've just received two solid releases from 3sixteen today, an amazing black selvedge jean and a great leather chukka deck boot.

The black selvedge jeans are produced with 14.5oz denim from Japan's small but well respected Nihon Menpu mill. Menpu got their start by producing looms in 1915 then went on to become a mill specializing in small batch made textiles. Today they produce denim for Kapital and 45RPM, and their looms have gone on to produce approximately seventy-five percent of Sugar Cane's denim. A great straight leg cut, a leather tag cut and tanned in Portland, and Nihon Menpu's black selvedge make up the SL-200x jean.

Also up is a pair of Peanut Grizzly Deck Chukka boots hand stitched in Maine. These are fully leather lined for comfort and come with solid brass eyelets. Super comfortable and will age beautifully over time, these are quite possibly the nicest deck shoes we've seen yet.

We've also got a full restock of the SL-100x Indigo Selvedge Straight Leg jean and the tan and black leather bracelets.

All the jean models, the Deck Chukka boots, and bracelets are now available at SESF, SENY, and our online store.


Also at SENY only we've received stock of the new 3sixteen duffle bags ($240) with toiletry kits & Waxed Canvas & Leather tote bags ($185). Both of these are made in America with great attention to detail for both the construction and fabrics used.

SL-200x Black Selvedge Straight Leg




SL-100x Indigo Selvedge Straight Leg



Peanut Grizzly Deck Chukka Boot



Dual Strand Leather Bracelets


Single Strand Leather Bracelets


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Waxed Canvas & Leather Tote Bags (SENY only)



Canvas & Leather Duffle Bags w/ Toiletry Bag & Toiletries by Dickson Hairshop (SENY only)




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I remember when 3sixteen came out a few years ago. It was right around the time when the Streetwear bubble was starting to boom. I can honestly that I wasn't crazy about the way that it look or the graphics that it used in its first run of clothing. However, since the bubble burst and many of the companies have either changed their concepts to survive or just folded.

3sixteen is one of those companies who changed their style in order to stay afloat in today's streetwear scene. They've gone from border line high end brand to full on high end brand and it's an amazing thing.

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The contest is definitely still going on. Keep wearing them - I've got a buddy who is 9 months into his pair with just weekend wear and they look great. It might take some time to crack but they'll begin to fade nicely.

Is the 3Sixteen contest still going? I've been wearing mine everyday since I got them, but I got almost no fading going on.
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The contest is definitely still going on. Keep wearing them - I've got a buddy who is 9 months into his pair with just weekend wear and they look great. It might take some time to crack but they'll begin to fade nicely.

I've had my SL-100x for a good 6 months now and the denim is finally at the point where the evolution is picking up. They stayed dark for the first few months, but since I washed them they've started fading faster. I'm mesmerized by the spectrum of blues in the denim when caught in the sunlight. It's simply beautiful.

I've got a ways to go before I'm done with these, but I'm looking forward to doing it all over again with the ST's.

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