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FS: Himel Bros, Real McCoys, Flat Head, Iron Heart, Pure Blue Japan


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Cleaning out my closet for stuff I don't get to wear as often!  Willing to accept offers.

1. Himel Bros. Brimaco Raider Cafe Racer - $1750 plus shipping

This jacket is absolutely insane. Tagged size 36, fits like S. Made with 100% genuine Shinki tea-core horsehide that will gradually fade from deep black to a gorgeous brown as it ages. Weighs in at around 5 pounds and is built to take an absolute beating. Deadstock Lightning zippers, bi-swing back, and of course the absolutely unparalleled quality that David Himel is known for. If you know leather jackets, then you'll know that this is the creme de la creme. Retails for $2450.

Worn lightly and still has plenty of breaking in left to do. It's a shame that I have to sell this as it's just slightly too small for me. Would totally be interested in trading for another leather jacket of similar quality in a larger size.

Description from Himel's website: 
"The Raider jacket is an homage to one of the greatest café racer jackets ever made. Brimaco or British Mfg. Co of Montreal, Canada designed this iconic jacket in the 1950's after attending motorcycle races on the Isle of Man. The jacket has a distinctive British feel with a longer straighter torso and a simple clean back with bi-swing expansion gussets and a long chinstrap. We own so many originals of this great design that it barely required any tweaking, and this model uses our limited supply of original 1950's and 1960's Lightning zippers."

P2P: 20" 
Shoulders: 17" 
Sleeve: 24.5" 
Back length: 26.5" 
Front length: 24"

width=640 height=853https://dfqickngpn7t8.cloudfront.net/AJdAgnqCST4iPtnUxiGtTz/cache=expiry:max/rotate=deg:exif/rotate=deg:0/resize=width:1100,fit:crop/output=format:jpg,quality:95/compress/XYjPXEAmQKmsg1EMJ119[/img]

2. The Real McCoy's M-422A Flight Jacket - $1150 plus shipping

width=640 height=812https://dfqickngpn7t8.cloudfront.net/AJdAgnqCST4iPtnUxiGtTz/cache=expiry:max/rotate=deg:exif/rotate=deg:0/resize=width:1100,fit:crop/output=format:jpg,quality:95/compress/mcslLUs7SuOKnR9V2Rdf[/img]

Absolutely stunning M-422A flight jacket from The Real McCoy's New Zealand. If you know The Real McCoy's, then you'll know that everything they make is of the highest standards, from the material to the construction. This jacket is made with the finest goatskin and mouton fur and is built just impeccably. Faithful to the original details, but superiorly made.

P2P: 21" 
Shoulder: 17" 
Sleeve: 24.75" 
Length: 25.75"

3. Needles/Nepenthes (Engineered Garments) Horween Shell Engineer Boots, resoled by Brian the Bootmaker - $1500 plus shipping

width=640 height=480https://dfqickngpn7t8.cloudfront.net/AJdAgnqCST4iPtnUxiGtTz/cache=expiry:max/rotate=deg:exif/rotate=deg:0/resize=width:1100/output=format:jpg,quality:95/compress/ePB7rWcfRrKeG75LT7SO[/img]

Needles (Engineered Garments) Engineer Boots made with genuine Color No. 8 Horween Shell Cordovan in tag size 9UK. I'd say they fit pretty TTS, although there is plenty of room for one to wear thicker socks.

These were picked up from the Nepenthes shop located in New York City. Needles is the sister company of Engineered Garments (both owned by Nepenthes). This pair has also been re-soled by Brian the Bootmaker (Role Club) and converted to his signature hand-welt. They're really fresh too - worn under 10 times. Truly an amazing pair of boots. Shell cordovan engineer boots are pretty hard to come by, especially ones made with Horween (most other shell engineer boots are made with Shinki cordovan).

4. The Flat Head 6002W Type II Jacket - $350 plus shipping

width=640 height=640https://dfqickngpn7t8.cloudfront.net/AJdAgnqCST4iPtnUxiGtTz/cache=expiry:max/rotate=deg:exif/rotate=deg:90/resize=width:1100,fit:crop/output=format:jpg,quality:95/compress/RINrxGgSFazJbCpUp1cI[/img]

Classic Type II jacket by The Flat Head in their Pioneer denim. Gently worn, practically new. Retails for over $500 at Self Edge.

Size: 40 (no such thing as S/M/L) 
Front Length: 24.5 
Arm Length: 34 
Shoulder: 18.5 
Pit to pit: 20.5

5. Evisu No. 2 Type I Jacket - $130 plus shipping

width=640 height=853https://dfqickngpn7t8.cloudfront.net/AJdAgnqCST4iPtnUxiGtTz/cache=expiry:max/rotate=deg:exif/rotate=deg:0/resize=width:1100,fit:crop/output=format:jpg,quality:95/compress/LrCQ4QAiTzavNJhhb1X6[/img]

Pretty sweet Type I jacket by Evisu. Sick details all over, well worn and faded.

Tagged size 40 fits S-M. See measurements below: 
pit to pit 21.5 inches 
opening 19 inches 
sleeve 24.75 inches 
overall length 23 inches 
shoulders 18.5 inches

6. Iron Heart Indigo-dyed Waffle Work Shirt (IHSH-96) - $225 plus shipping

width=640 height=640https://dfqickngpn7t8.cloudfront.net/AJdAgnqCST4iPtnUxiGtTz/cache=expiry:max/rotate=deg:exif/rotate=deg:0/resize=width:1100,fit:crop/output=format:jpg,quality:95/compress/uJmnA9JZQaNjDaYd8eZW[/img]

Worn a handful of times, not really my style. No damage and in excellent condition. Fits excellent as either TTS or slightly tight as it's a slim fit with a hint of stretch due to the waffles knit pattern, though it's 100% cotton. Shirt is sold out in this size last I checked.

Beautiful indigo dyed waffle fabric that we think will age amazingly 
Black cat's-eye buttons 
Chain stitch run-off 
Triple needle-stitch construction using self coloured needle and red bobbin threads 
All felled seam construction 
Rinsed, so there should be no appreciable shrinkage 
Model Sam wears a Medium, Giles wears X-Large in this shirt (rather than his normal Large)

Measurements direct from IH: 
Shoulders    17.2 
Length 27.8 
PtP    21.5 
Sleeve    24.8 
Collar    17.1

7. Pure Blue Japan 5 Oz. Neppy Selvedge Western Shirt - $180 plus shipping

width=640 height=854https://dfqickngpn7t8.cloudfront.net/AJdAgnqCST4iPtnUxiGtTz/cache=expiry:max/rotate=deg:exif/rotate=deg:0/resize=width:1100,fit:crop/output=format:jpg,quality:95/compress/gs7l3nnXTxq6byH82P0s[/img]

Shirt is basically brand new, worn no more than 2-3 times. Retails for $230 at Rivet and Hide. Tagged size 3 (fits like S). Check Rivet and Hide for exact measurements.

-100% cotton 5 oz selvedge denim 
-Rope-dyed indigo 
-Western style / back yoke 
-Snap buttons 
-One wash (minimal shrinkage) 
-Felled seams 
-Chain stitch run-off 
-Embroidered "shoai" indigo plant leaf emblem 
-Crafted in Japan

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