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The Wabash 7012 shirt from The Flat Head arrived today and should be up on the site tomorrow.

With it came a small re-stock of the flannel HNW-52W:

Red: 42 & 46

Green: 42

As this is the first 46 I have stocked I need my web guys to return from their break in a couple of days to put the 46 option in the drop down size menu. If anyone wants it drop me a pm or email [email protected] and I'll guide you how to process the order.

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The Flat Head Wabash 7012W has arrived.

The 12 oz. selvedge fabric is rope-dyed. The minute dots and diamonds design is applied with discharge printing. The light gray colour of the print has a faded indigo appearance. The hopes and dreams of the American nation were literally built in the original Wabash shirt. This is the ultimate in workwear design.




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With a growing number of Steel Feather participants in HWDC2 a re-stock of the 21 oz. SF0121 jean will arrive next week and the full size range will again be available. The 15% discount for the competition will end on March 28th.

Anders, the owner and creator of Steel Feather, has been updating his own thread with some interesting insights into how these special jeans from Kojima are made:


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We will soon have Railcar X009 in store. This is their 16 oz. Japanese selvedge denim in the popular Spikes fit.

Steven has just let me know the order is almost complete and sent me this image of Ruben cutting the olive green front pocket bags for the final pairs.


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Today we launch a new label at Rivet & Hide.

Dawson Denim. This is a very British and unique brand specializing in denim and workwear.

Like us they only launched last year. Kelly Dawson has worked for 15 years in the denim industry on the design side.

They start the brand with a range of aprons made of 13 oz Japanese red line selvedge denim and there are plans to develop other garments.

Their workshop is in Brighton. This small city on the south coast of England has a subculture that strives for detail in heritage lifestyle that is fairly unique to this degree in such a small British city. Kelly and her partner Scott love vintage motoring and ride a 1950's Lambretta and Vespa.

Their first love is denim, their second is vintage motoring so all their branding links back to this. Their logo is a magneto lever or cheese head screw found in all pre – 1960’s motorcycles. The colours used are influenced by the BSA bantam D1. The logo book inspired by Scott’s Granddad’s 1930 driving license and a registration manual for a motorbike of the same period.

They use a Union Special and single stitch Juki in order to keep the manufacturing processes original. Each apron is based on historical garments. The Pinny is inspired by aprons worn in lumbar yards across the USA until the 1940s, The Mercantile was worn by grocery and dry goods stores up until the 1950s to protect clothing. The Mechanic is based on WW2 issue aprons for mechanics. The Carpenter is worn by men and women of that trade today.

The Mercantile


The Mechanic


The Pinny


The Carpenter


Kelly & Scott at work





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I stumbled across (not literally of course) these Dawson aprons in a different London shop (that I won't mention). They look very nice and if I did decide to buy one, it would be from Rivet and Hide of course!

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Today we launch our own range with a 1. 5" belt made from high quality bridle leather sourced from a tannery here in the UK. The site in Devon at Hamlyns, Coylton, has been a tannery since Roman times. Heritage leather does not come better than this.

The tannery is Britain’s last remaining oak bark tannery. The slow method of tanning has changed little since Roman times. The hides still raw are soaked in lime where their pores open and the hairs loosen. Over a period of three months the hides are moved by hand into progressively stronger tanning liquors. The liquors come from soaking oak bark in Devon water to extract the tannins.

The butt is the thickest part of the skin with the tightest fibres. Bridle butt leather refers to the way the leather is finished at the tannery. Both the flesh and grain side are wax finished. This takes time and is labour intensive and only the best leather gets this treatment due to the costs involved. The flesh side is waxed as it sits on the horse's skin. The leather is strong and extremely durable.

The belts come in Australian nut tan. The beauty of this tan is that it has various notes and tones from a rich burgundy to an almost deep purplish brown patina. . It looks beautiful and will just get better and better with age.

There is a choice of brass and nickel plated full buckles.

The belts are made by Crispin Bending in London. I asked him to brand the logo near the buckle. It cannot be seen when worn.

It will fit anyone who wears most jeans sizes 32-37. We can punch an extra hole towards the buckle end for anyone slightly slimmer.

43†/ 109 cm long

1.5â€/3.75cm Wide





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Wallet arrived today Danny! It was great to chat with you and hear your plans for your business. I will definitely be supporting Rivet and Hide in the future, look forward to dealing with you again soon

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What better way to start our magazine category than with the denim and workwear Men's File special.

This bi-annual publication from the UK is devoted to tracing the origins of style embracing clothes, motorcycles, architecture and beyond.

Style with an enduring and timeless quality. Objects built to last. Rich patinas. Compelling characters from the left field. All rendered with some pretty cool photography from Nick Clements himself.




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We just had a re-stock of The Flat Head 3009 including 32W. All sizes 30-36 now available.

We managed to acquire the beautiful green flannels in size 40 (no larger sizes left) in the western and work shirt styles.



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Nudie's latest cut Straight Alf has arrived. It comes in a new deep indigo organic, Ropy selvedge that is destined for some great fades.

The cut is based on the much loved Regular Alf in the top block but with a straight silhouette. These jeans can be sized down for a slim/straight fit or TTS for a regular/straight look. The indigo pocket embo stitching will fade along with the denim.

20% off Nudie selvedge for forum members. Nudie2013 is the code at checkout.



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We got the latest Jacquard hoodie from The Flat Head along with our 3009 re-stock. I meant to order the XL in the existing pale grey one and kicked myself when I realized I had made a mistake until it actually showed up and saw this beautiful version of their iconic sweater.

The back brushing effect gives some volume and the loopwheeled cotton is luxuriously soft. It has to be worn and handled to be fully appreciated.




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The combination of exceptional American craftsmanship and quality Japanese denim from Kurabo makes the Spikes X009 a great addition to the Railcar Fine Goods collection. 16 oz. Kurabo selvedge. They have just arrived and are now available in the store. Free worldwide shipping.

Here are a few of the finer details of these jeans showing the attention to detail for which these guys from Arcadia are fast becoming renowned:

-Triple-stitched seams.

-2 piece inner and outer waist band to reduce stretch.

-Graphic olive green pocket bags.

-8 oz. raw leather patch, handmade in by Railcar themselves.

-Railcar branded buttons

-Signature R fly stitch.




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Little cross post from the Steel Feather Thread for you.

Some progress shots of my Steel Feather SF0121 which have just passed their six month mark of daily wear :)

"First pair of shots are pre-soak,

next pair are at around one week in

then two months wear

five months in

and the last pair are six months in :)"











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