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Freewheelers, Bootleggers Reunion, Bubo, etc.


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3 hours ago, Broark said:

@mstax I don't have any official confirmation on it but I believe that the threads are 100% cotton.
I actually don't know of any Vanishing West items that don't use cotton thread off the top of my head.

Thanks! I also emailed Mirror Ball in Japan to verify and waiting for their answer. I emailed them before on the FW 1946 506xx jacket I got. They first said all is cotton except the buttonholes which are poly cotton for durability, but later they got back to me and said they checked with Freewheelers and confirmed the buttonholes are also 100% cotton.

It's interesting why this is not specified in descriptions. Some websites are extremely detailed in describing details (which probably is the info the manufacturer gave) but almost never the type of sewing thread is mentioned. Maybe they take it as a logical thing being 100% cotton for a repro brand? 

I had an issue before with some Real McCoys articles. It was said to me the Blue Seal chino uses 100% cotton stitching but upon arrival it was clear that the waistband was sewn with poly threads, the other threads were cotton. Their Sawtooth western was also said to be cotton thread sewing - even directly by the Real McCoy manufacturer - but when I inspected it I had very strong doubts. More likely a poly cotton. There was a loose thread and I did the burn test, didn't burn like cotton but like poly. 

Ah well, what can I say. It's been a journey.

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16 minutes ago, mstax said:

It's interesting why this is not specified in descriptions.

I think this is just not a point of interest for most buyers, probably even most freewheelers buyers (I would hazard a guess this forum isn't a representative sample). I could be wrong. But manufactures could go down a rabbit hole trying to list details about all components. For instance, where is the cotton sourced from that makes up the pocket bags? Or what's the provenance of the metal for the buttons? etc. 

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@AlientoyWorkmachine You’re probably right there. To me it’s an essential part of a good repro garment. Others might not care so much.

I remember I had an LVC sack coat which had pretty nice fabric but horrible hardware and even uglier cheap poly threads. It really degraded the garment as a whole. 

Guess I just have to keep asking the shops and manufacturers for the info. ‘Ah, there’s that guy again asking about cotton threads’. 

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Mine are on the way back from being hemmed... Seiichiro twisted my arm with the promise of the right thread and right hemming!!  It'd have been rude not to ask him to put a Powerwear henley in there with them :)

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9 hours ago, LazyS said:

I was told It's a new 12.5oz denim

That's true to the 504XX closed front jumper, but I believe he was asking about the 506XX 1922 jacket with the drop pocket.

Your 1937s are looking good!

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27 minutes ago, AlientoyWorkmachine said:

Damnit I caved. Just picked up one of the last '22 jackets I saw in stock - should be delivered in a week or so. I really need to make '24 a no buy year. I have too much dark denim now. 


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1 hour ago, MJF9 said:

It's a good jacket. I picked one up recently too. Will get some pics up eventually

Oh nice we can compete with wear with 2 jackets now!

I will lose, because apparently now I am more of a collector, and am also working on the ‘51 and the RB black one (and that’s just my FW), and I have to dress up more next year.

But I just couldn’t pass it up - it had everything that jackets I have don’t - aside from being denim and totally the same in the eyes of my spouse. 

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23 hours ago, MJF9 said:

1922 jacket - came raw, only washed once at 30C

20230715 Freewheelers 1922 jacket 1.jpg

+ pics after a 40C wash and line dry yesterday... subtle differences...

Measurement: Raw - 30C - 40C
P2P: 64 - 61 - 60 (-4cm from raw)
Shoulders: 59.5 - 56.5 - 56 (-3.5cm)
Arm: 62 - 58 - 57.5 (-4.5cm)
Length: 67 - 62 - 61.25 (-5.75cm)

I'll just get on with wearing it - I suspect this denim expands quite a bit (sure Austin confirmed this)... will keep you posted

20230716 Freewheelers 1922 Post 40C Wash 1.jpg

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I’ve need 2 washes w my raw Freewheelers stuff to get it to size.

On the other hand, I’ve not washed any one wash things, of which I’ve got a few - experience on if that first wash shrinks things noticeably or if their factory wash maybe does that pretty well? Rethinking if maybe I should do that. 

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On 7/15/2023 at 5:55 PM, MJF9 said:

1933 jacket - one-wash version


1922 jacket - came raw, only washed once at 30C, I will wash it again at 30C / maybe 40C... there is some shrink and a better fit coming methinks

(both size 44)

20230715 Freewheelers 1933 jacket 1.jpg

20230715 Freewheelers 1922 jacket 1.jpg

actually think the once washed 22 has the better fit on you. 

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