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    Hey guys, hello from Ukraine. If you ever consider is 3A-6TS got enough place for most necessary stuff in case of war in your country - yes, it’s got enough place. Medkit, some closes, compact food, docs and MacBook Pro. For now can rate it 10 anxiety of 10.
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    I found my old backup after your post and did this lil weekend project http://acrdb.com If anyone has First Edition Kit on hand and could scan booklet, please lmk
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    Bidding a very fond farewell to my 1001X, a 2008 model that I purchased (new) in ~2010. These have always looked great regardless of weight fluctuations over the years and I’ve yet to find a pair that fits better. Unfortunately, these are worn so thin that they’re due for retirement. I’ll bring them in for one more repair, after which they’ll mainly live in my closet.
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    Denim updates, both fit and fabric. TCB has these spurts to its fabric aging. Six month and one year tend to mark a rapid progression in tonal shift and wear for me, both in the '50s and these S40s. Lovely jeans all around.
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    Hi everyone! # 33 Uncle Karl Last updated. A very wonderful year and a half, which seems short but long, is finally over today. It is a denim with various thoughts, such as happy days and sad days. Thank you for showing us all your wonderful love. The journey of the contest is over, but the long and long journey of life is still going on. It was really nice to meet you in an instant, a year and a half of that long journey. See you again someday!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I think this is the final update for the contest. So let me tell you a little about jeans and my daily wear. I use it to work in construction, have used it for more than 1 year, wear it regularly, and then wash it regularly. Dirt kills lint, wash jeans weekly (more so in summer when my hands and jeans get dirty). Denim shrivels up, and comes off; when that happens, the outer layer slowly peels off the indigo dye which, in time, causes the weft to look and then results in a fade. hope to see the fading show up in the next few weeks. If the lifestyle was more relaxed, we would have to wait longer than this. It's all the same, the sooner we live, the faster we fade away. Here are some photos I took after the last wash. Cheers to the other contestants. I'm also happy to be able to take part in this contest, especially with those of you who are in various corners of the world:)
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    J99 came in. The wide fit is a welcome change from the other slimmer insulators - pretty sure I could fit two of me in here. Incredibly versatile too. It can take on several silhouettes depending on how you close it, and it looks good over everything from a tee and cargos to suiting. Definitely the choice for static warmth in the cold. And the welt pockets are cavernous - no issues fitting a 1L nalgene.
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    Surplus, carhartt, atlast, vans
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    Decided to put this metal detactor to good use and find us some gold doubloons Vintage ww2 usmc vest Conners S406XXX Warehouse 25th 50's vans Jack wearing his Nippers N01 jeans All we ended up finding was a fiver in change from my pocket , Jack thinks he's on to a winner though
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    FW x 3 (WWII tux, Trailblazer) / Big Yank / Lofgren
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    Same as usual but got my sidekick Me Vintage ww2 usmc deck vest Conners S406XXX Warehouse 1001xx 25th 50's Donny 1 Jack Vintage 507xx Hoody Nippers N01 jeans Jordan 1
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    Wore my 40s on a trip out to LA last week to pick up a new motorcycle n ride it back to Albuquerque, loosely documented on Polaroid film using this lil mamiya rb67. Unfortunately the aperture slider seemed to have jammed somewhere along the way out and so most of these photos had way too much light for the camera to handle. Here are a handful that turned out okay: In Brawley, California, somewhere I’ve always wanted to go (imperial county generally). About ten years ago I read the book Imperial by William T Vollman and it’s made a lasting impression on me, such a strange and magical and desperate part of the world. I only got to spend a couple of hours there as I was trying to get to tucson that afternoon, the below photos are from a quick cruise through salton city. And a couple from penny’s diner in Yuma Arizona: The rest of the trip after this point I was white-knuckling on the highway trying to stay upright as a massive snowstorm came in from western New Mexico and froze me solid and blew me back and forth all over the road for the last 200 miles home. got some minor frostbite on my fingers and knees but made it back in one piece lol. and the jeans have another story to tell! I’ll update w some pics of them soon. for now here’s a pic of the bike, 2000 kawasaki w650 :p
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    Vintage sweater / tcb 40s / flat head
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    Bootleggers Wavy, Freewheelers Bakehead, DUKE’S BELT, Freewheelers 601XX, Lofgren
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    I picked up the samurai 15oz satin back baker pants. The fabric feels fairly dense. I’m looking forward to see how it ages with wear and regular washing. I washed this chore coat again and it’s aging more rapidly with each wash now. buzz rickson beanie stevenson chore coat iron heart hoodie samurai baker pants rick Owens ramones
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    Definitely my favourite jeans of all time Thankfully there is still plenty of life left in them ,
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    tradition hat Buzz evilact trophy wesco
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    Love that Flat Head snow zip Young! Thinking of picking up a new one myself in the near future. Ebbets cap Flat Head scarf Warehouse flannel Strike Gold jacket at ~4 months Samurai S710xx at 12.5 months Flat Head sneakers
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    SC x Junky 46's Last washed in May, i haven't worn them regularly since, the knee has gone through and they're getting a bit frail (i only ever get 2-3yrs wear out of a pair of jeans so these have done pretty damn well) it's been 8 months since the last wash so they were in dire need. All photos taken in the rain Grimey pre-wash.. Post-wash Pre Post
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    Dedicate to @bartlebyyphonics filson schott tcbww2contest
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    Freewheelers Cassady, M-1938, Locomotive Engineer star-stripe and Brakeman overalls;John Lofgren
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    Photo bombed my boys new shoes picture. nigel cabourne, patched up atlast co, vans

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