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    I've just given my WH 2001 XX it's annual wash.. so i thought i'd make a little flip book Jan 2016 + a few months wear.. i only wear this jacket for a few months each year.. just through the colder months. 1yr 2yr 3yr 4yr 5yr 6yr (in direct sunlight) ..and today, 2023 It's probably had around 2yrs of actual wear.
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    Actual workwear... Woolpower tube Warehouse Cheap blank screenprinting sweatshirt M&S Thermal Gildan Tee Woolpower l/s base Woolpower leggins SC-47s with arcs My dad's old hiking boots.. 1 size too big but i can get 2 pairs of thick socks on
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    Obviously not today, but just wanted to share a couple of photos of the Freewheelers Jackson suit from our wedding. I think it turned out nicely! Paired with a @Duke Mantee belt and John Lofgren USN shoes as well as a FW Parker shirt. All that being said, I know I'm not the star of the show on this day.
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    I didn't think I'd ever see the red paint and brown hue leave the fabric completely but here we are The color is somewhere in between, very marbly and streaky now
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    Not epic like Shredwin’s, but then I rarely get off my arse.
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    nice page ppl... for me same old same old aero everyman -assorted tatty woollens- pherrows - tcb s40s going strong - attractions 444
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    Arket - Denime - Converse
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    kapital hat -- buzz rickson jacket --vintage shirt -- samurai jeans -- viberg boots
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    Same stuff with a splash of orange. skatestore hat, armor lux, atlast co, vans
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    agreeing... @unders the jacket is swell! i am living in this a2 right now; never been a fan of the military-pride associations of it, but now wearing it, feeling the grandpa tracksuit vibes much more; easy wearing inside and out; a proper desk warrior jacket... aero-orslow-tcb-cheaney aero-jelado-tcb-timbos
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    Mostly same as last time. Got a new Freewheelers shirt. They call this one Offy which I'm guessing is short for Offenhauser, the company who made hot rod manifolds back in the day. Back in the 90s I bought one but never got around to putting it on the car... Boots are Oak St.
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    Columbia knit / Vintage M65 / Boncoura 66 / Russels
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    Take a walk on the wide side... FW Obbi Good Full Count Paraboot
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    enjoying the FW 27s and the A2 at the top... three variations on known knowns... tcb s40s tux - rw aero-orslow-tcb-rw surplus m65-tcb-sugar cane-attractions
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    Levi's506xx TOYS McCOY Levi's501 "bigE"
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    Freewheelers deck worker parka Vintage ww2 deck vest Warehouse ( Big Yank ) chambray Conners s409xxx ww2 Vans
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    It's the Daisy Age.... again
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    Top half vintage stuff. FW jeans White's Our newest dog, the aptly named Snowy, who was gifted to us by an anonymous benefactor the day after Christmas (i.e. abandoned on our property...).
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    Andersen-Andersen cap -- Buzz Rickson jacket -- Samurai jeans sweatshirt -- Samurai jeans -- Viberg
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    Scoobs' magnificent beast encouraged me to wear my S406XX yesterday... reminded me that Connors' WW2 denim comes up nice
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    Very slow progress of my DD 2020 to 2022 2022
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    We took a trip up to San Francisco/Oakland to see some friends. Man, I miss living up there. Buzz Rickson Watch Cap Merz b Schwanen sweatshirt Sugar Cane Awa-Shoai Type I Samurai Baker Visvim Skagway Kids got on a vintage Levis type III and Nippers jeans.

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