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    Hi! Everyone! The contest has passed three months, and jeans are gradually getting used to my body. I'm tired of going out (Fucking COVID-19), so I made a (cat) playground for my daughter on Sunday. Combine it with the spiral staircase that you made a while ago! I cut off a square pillar into an octagon. I put a split back so that it wouldn't break. 32 spiral staircase Haha The metal fittings were sprayed with matte black. First, create a catwalk on an empty beam. Makita's impact driver growls! done!!!!!!!!! My daughters love it! And my contest jeans.
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    Hi everyone! Happy new year! Obviously, the world has changed in 2020. I think everyone's life has changed a lot. But everyone, don't lose!  The other day, Hajime updated the progress of many Japanese contest jeans. Among them, I am paying attention to # 146 "SEISAN". That wrinkle is like Vitage's s501xx. Also, I'm curious about their pair of "kameisenpai", "kiriyamaworks", "nayuta" and the previous champion "yabyoshi", most of which are wrapped in a veil. By the way, the town where I live is also below freezing. The drops dripping from the faucet at work are also frozen. After this, the pipe ruptured and became flooded ... Even if it's cold, "cows are naked" ... "chickens are barefoot" ... fish are "underwater" ... Given that, I'm still happy wearing jeans and a jacket Hahaha My pair for 4 months today There is a "woven scratch" in the back left pocket of my pair.
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    Cat and my 40th day buddy. IMG_1022.MOV Forty days have passed and he is still a fresh companion. A position battle between cats has broke out, so I'm looking forward to the fading in the future. I enjoy wearing it every day!
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    皆さんこんにちは!ほとんどの日本人は4連休の3日目です。私は働いています...ははは 日本の高知でも朝晩は急激に寒くなっています。ジーンズを育てるのに最適な季節です。 先週末、私の家族や友人は私の庭でバーベキューをしました。たき火は涼しい温度で非常に快適でした。(髪のスタイリング剤の香りがとても良かったから。ははは) 日本では「食欲の秋」と呼ばれ、秋の醍醐味は、旬の食材が多く、とても食欲をそそる食事の楽しさだそうです。秋の味に誘われて食べすぎてしまいました…(怖くてスケールが出ないんですけど) そして、2回目の洗濯をしました。 部屋に差し込む朝日は気持ちいい。
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    Another month, another wash. This is the fifth, I think, and from now on I'll just throw 'em in the washer every time the dog muddies them up, looks like the creases are well set at this point. I've loaned the good camera to a friend so these are all phone pics, with some contrasty over-compensation for the all-tungsten light in the basement on the photos of full front and back. The color and fade is most accurate in the close-ups. Wash crease not as significant as it looks here, phew: Repair job coming up: Doggo chillin', listening to Steely Dan:
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    Little update on my end, jeans have been worn every day and the jacket has seen some light wear when the temps drop. Picking up running again, been far too long but quarantine has added some weight that I need to drop. I'm getting back into the swing of it. I'm a morning person so I enjoy seeing the sunrises at the end of the run. Last weekend was my girlfriend's birthday, so we went to brunch which was weird. We haven't really been out to eat anywhere since March. We were pretty much the only people there and you had to order everything online and clean your own table. The mac and cheese was good though. Just wish they would've mentioned the fact that the menu was limited before we decided on going here. Then we headed out to the Texas Hill Country to check out the only sotol distillery in the US. Really interesting liquor, similar to tequila/mezcal. Then we headed out to Vista Brewing, another Hill Country brewery. I like Jester King more, but Vista's stuff is tasty. Olive wanted a sip! PBJ double natural indigo workshirt selfie. She's worn out after a long day of drinking and playing with her favorite toys. Actually got caught in a downpour while wearing the jacket on Monday, set the creases nicely.
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    Beautiful weekend at the Two Hearted River in the Upper Peninsula, camping and trout fishing with the family.
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    Today was my daughter's birthday so I had a wonderful time in the German forest in okayamaJapan
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    Seems a fitting time of year for a trek to a local landmark with a spooky past. Slim tracks through the countryside Past obligatory sheep Up the hill To a bloody massive obelisk Wait, but what’s the graffiti all about...? It’s Wychbury obelisk on Wychbury Hill. Who put Bella in the witch elm. In 1943 a few kids were out hunting in the nearby forest and made a grisly discovery, a skull and a pair of ladies shoes in the hollow of an old wych elm tree. Naturally they scarpered and told their parents as soon as they returned home. The police made the full discovery the next day and with signs of foul play. Regrettably neither the perpetrator nor the victim were identified. As WWII was in full swing (see, this drivel is on-topic) the authorities had a lot on their plates and it seems quite common that crimes and disappearances weren’t properly followed up. A couple of years later numerous white chalk graffiti ‘Who put Bella in the Witch Elm‘ sprang up in the surrounding area, including the plinth of the obelisk, all in the same hand. Despite being removed it always reappeared at the obelisk, nowhere else. It’s been removed repeatedly since then and even right up to 1999 reappeared in exactly the same hand (creepy huh?). They stopped removing it in ‘99 and put a fence around it a few years later. Needless to say the place is totally haunted and I’ll be damned if I’m going there after dark. Heres a fit pic. Hopefully a little less terrifying.
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    Pfiouuuuuu what wonderful pictures and fitpic people. I've finally checked everypost since page 50. I've been busy with my studies for the last 3 months and wasn't really able to participate. Everything changes now that I'm on vacation. On receiving the TCB 40s' (size 31, same as my previous 50), it was hella tight but I was able to button it up. Now that i've lost the excess weight after drinking RedBulls and eating Cliff bars for 3 months straight, it fits like a charm. I haven't worn it yet. I have decided that i'll be participating to the Indigo invitationnal at the same time as this contest. I must wait the first of october to finally enjoy TCB goodness. Anyways, in hoping that I don't disgress the how so tight rules of the Indigo invitationnal by wearing the jeans for 5 mn. I present you the fit of my #51. Refs: Visvim/Visvim/TCB 40s'/Visvim
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    For anyone wondering both Self Edge and Standard and Strange should be getting the DSBs next month. I’ve been working my way through the 1101s for the last year and I haven’t worn these much. 1001XX Hinoya version coming up on 3 years of rotational wear.
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    SC x Junky 46's after 1yr and 2 washes Pre-wash Post wash I'm wearing SC-37's for work and cycling too and from work in a pair of Showers Pass Track Pants so the actual wear on these is only 20odd hours/week Pre-wash Post wash The texture is lovely and grainy alas I took these photos on the shortest day so the lighting is awful and i haven't managed to capture it at all . . This was the fit post hot soak . . ...and today in the pissing down rain . Edit- Whoops!, nearly forgot the pre-wash photos
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    Hi everyone! I have two sons. (Human) And I have two daughters. (Cat) Hahaha The eldest daughter I watch at a delicate distance when I vacuum. The second daughter who is scared of the vacuum cleaner and watches over the beam Hahaha This is a picture taken 36 days after I started wearing it at work.
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    Hi everyone! Wearing in work clothes Day 22 (Sunday not included) It became cold in the morning and evening. I think hige, which goes down diagonally, has taken root. The UES cap is also tattered.
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    We took some family photos and realized that my son and dog look tougher than i ever could pretend to be...this is also the most denim’d out we’ve ever been as a family. me: Stevenson chore coat merz tshirt roy all duck vans wife: 3sixteen+ caustic wave jacket human made tshirt prps jeans dog: carhartt vest baby: hand-me-down overalls
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    Just ordered the new black 50’s pants, so I decided to pull out my 50’s tux. 50's jeans, about 4 years old and many hand repairs 50’s jacket, probably about 5 years old by now, still going strong.
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    While everyone is talking about difficult things, I will post with care. My knees will explode soon.
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    Yesterday we went off for lunch to celebrate Mrs Volvo birthday. First family lunch out since forever...We went to an old trattoria which rates very high in our top ten... The menu is less than half the page. Started with farinata which basically is a mix of chick pea flour oil and water, cooked in the fire oven. Crusty on top, deliciously moist underneath. It goes well with the king of cheap peasant Italian lagers Then deep fried super fresh local shrimps, which were absolutely terrific. I mean it's not as good as battered Mars bars but oh well ; ) Resting our eyes a bit A well oiled dad This from today Close up of the beautiful watch cap made by @Illcutz Indigo dipped cotton, fades faster than the jeans haha!
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    Hi everyone! It is the 15th day of wearing at work. Bear in the forest. (HAhaha) Gradually remember my wrinkles. I will do my third laundry today.
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    Brown's Beach McCoys Sweat £2 Tee £4 Charity Shop Belt Junky 46's TMC Railman
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    Hi everyone! Tomorrow I will be wearing it for two months at work. Some parts of my car are dyed blue. I also wear tcb30's jkt in my work clothes. The cat embroidery is very nice.  When I took a picture, my daughter (cat) was peeking from the second floor. Hahaha It seems to be very cold this winter, so I collected firewood. I can get the scraps that can be made at the work site. I want a lot of firewood. Here are some of the things I usually use. It is a chisel bag that I have been using for about 10 years. The button is laurel. I ordered this from a jeans shop in Kochi to make it. And a smartphone case. And a smartphone case. This will be about 4 months. And jeans.