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What Are You Wearing Today (Denim Version)


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slightly snug. not use to the ankle cut as my other boots arent that high. going to wear them a few times and see if they dont get more comfortable. crossing my fingers.

thanks again

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Actually this is interesting. I don't think I can really recall anyone trying that (sizing down on 634's). Makes for a completely unexpected fit.

i woulda gone with TTS, but these were super cheap on rakuten :)

anyway, i'm not doing shit today besides housecleaning and reading game of thrones. but, in the cleaning, i dug up this old "SOS" (sportswear of sweden!) parka in storage, and figured it'd make for a better WAYWT than whatever plain t i was wearing.

completely unnecessary for this 55-degree weather, but whatever


pretty sick, but not really my thing. it'll probably end up on ebay and sell for 99 cents... too bad, i bet if it was kelty/TNF/sierra designs or something, i'd be able to make a little money.

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