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When we are talking about plus size clothes there are always a question about what to wear that looks cool and good, i like to suggest women denim shirts for plus size women's. Try to wear dress denim shirts it like loose fitted shirts that never goes wrong. here are some best options Denim Vintage ShirtFit Bleached Denim ShirtDark Wash Denim Shirt and more these type of shades easily added with any accessories and footwear.

Just share you own experience,which shade of denim shirts you like from which house?


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I think others will be agreement when I say that this post does not warrant its own thread. If you want to talk or ask about denim shirts in particular, we already have a denim shirt topic. Either that, or the small questions thread would be more suitable.

To be honest, I'm not entirely sure that sufu is the right place for your queries because it doesn't seem to be aimed at the same demographic. I'm not trying to alienate anyone, but I just don't think this discussion will be fruitful over here...

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