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Denim World Championship - SuFu Division

Max Power

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Incredible updates


nizzel55 and



And don't worry nizzel55 about your spam pics. 

We can't never get enough from your superb denim evo shots



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Only worn these three days since the beginning of February. Hopefully the cold weather is over, and I can wear these another 20 times by the end of April. A bit threadbare for cold windy weather. They tighten up nice with a wash, but they're pretty beat and get stretched and sloppy after a days wear and hang at the hips. 

WH 1001, just under 430 days of wear.



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On 24.3.2017 at 9:16 PM, kevypf597 said:

Those 800s look amazing and are really making me want to start wearing mine but I still haven't gotten an answer from BiG on what they/Warehouse are going to do about the defective pair they sent me. About how much wear and how many washes on those? @Max Power

To be honest I lost total track. I think the effective wear is at least 1 year, maybe 14 months. And I washed a lot, probably 8-10 times in total.

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I love your fantastic updates from your epic looking jeans nizzel55

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On 19 March 2017 at 8:41 PM, nizzel55 said:

Sorry for the photo spam.


These will probably only get moderate wear the rest of the DWC. They have entered a stage where they need quite a lot of maintenance IE repairs. 

Even my wife commented on them today. "Those jeans do not look that good anymore now". :)

I love them though. Hard to take pictures that make them justice.


2017-03-19 448 days (2 soak 9 machine washes)



















These are incredible!


wish you could fade my jeans like that but I always go through the knees!

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Both my DWC pairs has been away for repairs for almost 3 weeks. Got them back this weekend.

Only 2 more weeks left of the DWC. I doubt these will evolve much during that time span. :)

I will give them another machine wash though. 


2017-03-15 - : 454 days (2 soak 9 machine washes)


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With apologies for the photo spam...but as with others before this is likely to be the last showing of my contest jeans. So...

253 wears and 8 washes later, here they are...my Oni 527ZR at the end of the DWC. I truly love the way they’ve faded (particularly as the weft colour has come through). Sadly though I fear it may not be long until the arse gives way. 

I'll soon replace the 527s in my rotation - more Oni, but this time the no-arc version of the 546 NIGR (Natural Indigo) jeans. Again these weigh in at 20oz, but will be my first foray into unsanforized denim…wish me luck!








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Just noticed that my top button hole has started to rip. I need to fix that until wearing them further. Bha.
I guess it will be alot harder to fix it once it rips completely. I doubt I they will see much more use before the DWC is over.

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We can open the final submissions thread now I think. I'm actually away next weekend when the contest officially ends, so let's get the ball rolling now for those who are ready.


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I might just use some of the pictures I posted in the last 2-3 posts for my final submissions. If that is how it will work.

Is the DWC forum on the DWC homepage being used for anything?


Anyway. Here are some macros I took yesterday.


2017-04-23 - : 455 days (2 soak 9 machine washes)


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