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WAYWT destroyed my life (2013)


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Can't agree with this one. Dude's got that "wearing my boyfriend's shirt" look going on. Shit's just way too big. Even the jacket looks sloppy, but I can't tell if it's just an abundance of material bunching up from the shirt underneath.


I stand by this opinion, regardless of whether or not it's a piece that tickles everyone's respective clits. 


dont quote pictures


You update your sales thread yet? Those shoes...

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hndlz, shnoosie10, & vos how dare neg me!  fuck u    yall little girls


edit:  fycus, u too.  shame on you.


edit:  and u, adschu whoever the fuck u r.


edit:  rep_down.png MissingNo.

rep_down.png OMJOSEM


hope u die from dysentery


eidt again

fuck the rest 2


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^ First fit is aite and the shoes look like shit in the second. 

theyre fakes lol


dang the mfa crew didnt like this huh

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