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WAYWT destroyed my life (2013)


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wow wasn't expecting that much hate, but I see what you mean about it being a watered down version of the showroom pic and the leg hair throwing it off, thanks for the input


"she blings the lain"


is lain any good? checked the wiki on it and it looks p neat


capri to cankle combo also


I see the other stuff, but I don't really have cankles, if anything they just got caught at a bad angle, they're pretty thin and bony in a normal view

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thanks guys. Pants Nom de Guerre. Jacket Junya from like 2003. Boots are Ships General Supply I got from ebay for like $60. Had them resoled and shined recently after a year and a half of wear. They were pretty beat up. The resoling actually costs more than the shoes. They look like these new:



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