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  1. WTB: P10 pants (interested in all models) in size S, black / night
  2. WTB: J1A-GT [ sz: Small ] (new / very good condition preferred)
  3. Apologies in advance for posting yet another J1A-GT sizing question. After doing some research here and elsewhere I'm a bit confused and this seems to be the best place to receive thorough responses to fit-related Acronym information. I currently own the J32-GT as well as the J56-GT, both in size S. The J32 fit is snug, but fine without much layering underneath - a bit tighter than I'd like in the shoulders but not unbearable. The J56 is roomier and more accommodating of layering beneath it. Based on what I've read however, both the J32 and J1A run larger than other Acronym jackets. This site lists the measurements of the J32 as follows (in a format consistent with Acronym's web store, so assuming they were ripped from there): Acronym's web store lists the J1A-GT's measurements like so: Given this information as well as experience with the garments mentioned above, can anyone provide insight into how I should expect a J1A to fit compared to the J32 and J56? Based on the measurements alone, it appears that the J1A actually would be smaller than the other two, but this kinda seems inconsistent with what I've read. If it helps at all, I'm 5'8.5" and about 145lbs with somewhat wide shoulders. Appreciate any advice or recommendations!
  4. not sure where to put this but damn
  5. ^ they're great haha I love that video. Was able to get my hands on the BDOH001 vinyl but their stuff disappears so quickly now. one of my favorite labels right now but vinyl-only is so limiting. anyways, some more:
  6. t u r b o edit: 2 og dunk pics in a row lol
  7. he introduced himself to me summer '12 at a show/party/thing in NYC. Grabbed some hangover pizza with him and some other ppl the next day and meandered around soho for a sec. the entire interaction was 100% positive. hoping he drops by again sometime soon.
  8. new rashad album might be in personal top 5 of the year.
  9. "First day at Gothninja University!"
  10. what the hell is going on behind you
  11. it's cheap because it's older CCP - tailoring was way off and materials / finishes were not nearly as nice. Would not recommend kopping this.