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WAYWT destroyed my life (2013)


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Bru, you are too big to be rocking this look. Also, asian topknot reserved for ikemen ala



Aken looks fine.


And about strong fits lately: I think the problem these past months was the warm weather.

Starting with fall people can show off their layering skills.

And you guys know you like that, dontcha?

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Careful, a lot of effeminate lookin' dudes dress like that.(As evidenced by this very thread.) Blurred face has me suspicious that there's a lot of meat hanging down low. Pretty sure it's sundance just having come back from Hair Club for men.

haha yeah but the proportions silhouette ain't bad.

maybe it's void's sister or waifu or something.


its halloween.  maybe jane is back in goth-kunoichi costume

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