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  1. Lol there's standards to talk about $1500 Goretex jackets and a zipper that doesn't get stuck? Let it be, it's only corner of the internet to talking about it and it's factors. It is quite weird though. I had plenty of time to research sizing and buy the J47A-GT and J1A-GT without refreshing this thread or really paying attention to what time it drops. Now with the recent release I was literally refreshing Haven page, where I saw each piece showing up one by one, with the J1TS-S having literally 1 in every size
  2. Meanwhile in 2017 Post Grailed Reality
  3. Selling P10-S BNWT in Medium, tried on once And J1A-GT in Large, Excellent condition
  4. Just put up my P10-S in Small SOLD J47A in Medium
  5. Veliance J50-WS C.E. P10-S Nike
  6. Can anyone clarify the sizing again for the J1A-LP? Looking to cop a Large and comparing the size chart to my Medium J47A it looks like its smaller everywhere but the chest. Can I trust ACRNM measurements and will the different in chest make a big difference? Or can I mitigate the sizing with layering? Edit: For ref I'm 5'10 and around 145
  7. Nike x Acronym in Size 8, mention SUFU for free US shipping Sold
  8. FS - J43-GT in Small, worn only a couple of times Comes with bag, sheet, and strap Located in California $SOLD
  9. To clarify I bought the last J43 on hypebeast, couldnt apply any codes - although in their policy some brands are excluded from their unreachable list. @Endless - Ill let you know if the P10 dont work out
  10. a google search of the IG id NEMEN x ACRONYM
  11. shes prob right