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1 hour ago, Duke Mantee said:

Thanks mate - and you too. Is that cloe horsehide?

I actually don't know the exact tannery. A couple of months ago Tatra/shellcordovan had some odd lot horsebutts for a pretty decent deal and I bought two for the heck of it. I used half of the less figured one for this bag, gonna use the real nice one for when I’m comfortable making a real nice pair of boots for myself. 

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Long time no see @Superstar! Always thought your wallet was super cool.

I actually just picked up a Flat Head cordovan long wallet used off Mercari, for something like 1/5th the price of a new one, with the same concho as my key holder, and a box weave wallet rope - I once again have a ridiculous over-the-top Amekaji wallet rig, and it feels so good. Pictures coming soon (hopefully later today!)

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On 12/28/2023 at 8:03 PM, Cold Summer said:

Here’s my wallet stuff. 


  • Flat Head Shinki cordovan long wallet
  • Flat Head harness leather key holder
  • Old Point box weave kangaroo leather chain (similar to ones TFH used to make)

I used to wear wallet reins.I tried solid leather ropes, brass and box weave over the years

Wallet wasn't as excessive as this, it was an OGL mid (just poked out over the top of my back pocket) lovely piece of kit that aged beautifully. Still love it now 12 years in.....

But I had to admit they just aren't practical or comfortable. Even my relatively slim wallet was uncomfortable to sit on on long journeys,  the reins can get caught on door handles etc and one of my rein/hooks damaged the leather on my car seat.

I admire the quality and craftsmanship of this set up but it just can't be practical or comfortable  for daily use?  

(Even referring to it as a set up feels to much effort for keys and wallet!)

 No personal criticism intended CS.

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@Geeman Biggest factor for me is that I don’t have a large rear end and the seat of my jeans is not particularly snug - so when I sit, the wallet pushes off to the side and I’m not actually sitting on top of it. In certain seats and for long periods it can be uncomfortable having the wallet “pushing” into the side of my rear, such as driving long distances; but in that case I’d take it out and sit in my lap or next to my leg. The chain helps me avoid forgetting it’s there and walking off without it!

In my experience, this also seemed to be the case observing long wallets in Japan, most of the Amekaji guys aren't wearing snug-fitting pants, and often take out the wallet when they sit down. Sure maybe it comes across as more trouble than it's worth, but there are far crazier ways people "suffer for the sake of fashion," and since I don't care much for/feel strange wearing much conventional jewelry/bling, the wallet stuff adds a unique flavor to my look that you just don't ever see around where I live. It's very much a love-it-or-hate-it type of look, but you can probably guess which side I'm on ;)

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Found a new old stock example of my 25-year-old, completely thrashed moto jacket for 10 bucks on a local marketplace.  It's nearly identical except it is a size 40 and my old is sized 38. 

Now I need to figure out how to repair the original.  



















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Honey I shrunk the fanny pack

About 2/3 of the version above - Walpier Buttero and Walpier Box leathers, AustriAlpin ‘Cobra’ hardware, Japanese twill lining and a drawstring bag with the remnants of the fabric




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