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How many pairs of jeans do you own?

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3Sixteen ST-120x

Pure Blue Japan xx-012

Nudie's Grim Tim Organic Dry Selvedge (these have been sitting in my closet for ~8 months, might need to donate to Goodwill)

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Eternal 883 

Momotaro x Blue Owl BOM001

Skull 5507

LVC 1947 501

3Sixteen 30BSP

Momotaro 1005SP

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3Sixteen SL-130X

Japan Blue x BlueOwl Deep Blue Monster

WH Ranch Dungarees R1914 Vintage Fit


**WH Ranch Dungarees R1912 High Ryder Ordered**

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Iron Heart 301s/8301s

Sugar Cane 2014

Strike Gold 1109

Roy All Duck


Had a pair of Rogue Territories, but they're my girlfriends' now (she also has some SC 1947/2009's)

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Evisu 2000 no.1

Evisu 2000 no.2

Warehouse 660

Warehouse 1001sxx

Fullcount 1108xx

Fullcount 1100-10

Fullcount 1108

Freewheelers 601xx

Ooe Yofukuten s9202xx

Ooe Yofukuten 9102xx

Denime 66xx ( hopefully leaving me soon to tour the world :) )

Samurai 710xx

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Tfh 3005

Sam 710

Sam 500og

Roy rs04

Ih 634s

Ih 634sr

Sc 40601

3sixteen 30bsp

3sixteen 121x

Kmw 1950

Eternal 811

Momotaro 0901

It's good to list these out, makes me realize I absolutely don't need any more jeans haha.

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3 pairs of selvage 501 J. Crew exclusives

Levis 522 wool blend

Levis 501 selvage STF

UB 221

Prewashed and distressed selvage 501

Gap 1969 Japanese (honestly, the toughest jeans I have ever owned, super stubborn and bought for under $5)


I guess that makes 8.  I am about to sell off the J. Crews for a new pair of something a little more special. 

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In order of first to last bought


NF 10z

NF Elephant 3

3sixteen st-120x

TSG 5109

3sixteen st-100x

Samurai 710xx

LF Black Marias

Oni 20oz secret denim

Warehouse 800 coming in soon


I was 14 or 15 when I got my first pair and fell in love with the whole aspect of raw denim (breaking in stiff, crisp denim and watching it age according to how I wore the pair). My favorite pair so far probably has to be the 120x or 5109.

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Apparently I have problems. A month since I came back here, I've added:

S5000VX 21oz


PBJ XX-012

PBJ XX-013-18

IH 666-XHS

See y'all in another 6 years.

I think I may have seen two of your jeans on /r/rawdenim :)

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