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  1. Show us your leather

    Clegg English briefcase
  2. Shoes that look better with age...

    Shine time Post RW8112, AEMacallister, Alden Blucher, AE Cambridge, Alden Tassel (Shell Cordovan for the last 3)
  3. How many pairs of jeans do you own?

    APC new cure Burgus + Lot 770 Denime x Rogue Territory Stanton Ande Whall Grifter Eternal 883 Lee Rider 101 316 ST100x APC new standard Burgus + (mfg. by Warehouse) Lot 880 Unbranded tapered (UB201) Samurais s711vx
  4. Samurai Jeans

    @Viva Marlon - pre soak/post warm soak/post hot soak shrinkage details below. Based off of bF's Sam guide, the shrinkage ratio looks about right/as expected. I was expecting a tighter leg/thigh (similar to my 316's), and I think I could have sized down one more (to a 32) to tighten things up fit wise. Regardless, the denim is beautiful, and I'm stoked to try a slightly different fit. Have you figured out which ones you're into? Danisfake's 710's look awesome, but I can't deal with that high of a rise at the back of my pants (short legs/etc.)
  5. 3sixteen Jeans

    some snaps of my ST100x
  6. Samurai Jeans

    Post hot soak + hem
  7. Samurai Jeans

    pre-soak (sorry for the shitty iphone quality) post warm soak
  8. Samurai Jeans

    I have been tinkering with the idea of unsanforized jeans since my first trip to Japan in 2009. After a bunch of deliberation, measuring and re-measuring each of my existing pairs of jeans, reading Bf's samurai guide 20 times, trying to figure out what a shrink ratio would look like, I finally bought a pair of Samurai's. Based on my body type and preferred fit, I opted for the s711vx's, lot 18. There wasn't a ton of information out there re: sizing/pre/post wash for this model, so I figured I would put my experience up here. This is part of my denim index (if you're interested for comparable sizing with other brands, let me know and I can post the whole thing): Samurai 711VX pre soak measurements Size 33 Waist 34.5" Rise (crotch front) 10" Back rise 13.5" Thigh 11.5" Knee 9" Inseam 37.25" Leg opening 8.25" post warm soak Waste 34" Rise (front crotch) 9.75" Back rise 13.25" Thigh 11.25" Knee 9" Inseam 36.25" Leg opening 8" Post hot soak Waste 33" Rise (front crotch) 9.75" Back rise 13" Thigh 11" Knee 8.75" Inseam 35.5" leg opening 7.75" I'll post up some fit pics of the process soon. edit - sorry for the formatting - I can't copy/paste a googledoc layout and make it stick. Any tips or thoughts are appreciated.
  9. Eternal Jeans

    late to the game shots of my 883's. bought them in june of last year, and did on/off wear until about march of this year, then switched back to my RT's. first pic is a note that i put in my pocket the day after buying them (and took it out prior to wash #1 in feb). second pic is a rain soak that they got in africa (no before/after's unfortunately) and the rest are pre-wash from feb. and artificial light in the bathroom
  10. Rogue Territory Jeans

    it has been ages and ages. quick update pre-wash. wearing these on/off for 2+ years now, getting their sixth or seventh wash.
  11. RW Pecos - 1178 sz 7.5e (US) - buy or trade

    Bought these in Berlin at the RW store a while back. Shopping with a hangover and a language barrier has resulted in .5 a size too small. I've given them a stretch, but no luck. I wore them around for a few days (outside/etc.) to see if that would stretch them as well...again, no luck. So - happy to trade for any used Cordovan shoes (or new if you're so inclined), sell direct for 175 CDN (via paypal), or creative trades for appropriately sized foot ware (~8 in most brands/etc.) Shipping will be at your cost (I'm shipping from Vancouver, Canada); we can figure out the cost once se determine your location. Send me a PM if interested. Pics below.
  12. Rogue Territory Jeans

    Karl - must spread - but serious rep. for this post. Well done - nice to see a businessman taking care of...well...business!
  13. What are your jeans doing today?

    supermarche we meat your needs...it gets me every time local hooch who's the boom king! how many pirate jokes are lame...most of them arrrghhhhhh