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How many pairs of jeans do you own?

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In order of acquisition:


*N&F Weird Guy Deep Indigo (retired)

*3sixteen SL-100x (retired)

The Flat Head 1001

*Sugar Cane x Self Edge 06

Eternal 811 (x2)

Iron Heart 9301

*Stussy Deluxe Slim OD (retired)

Iron Heart x Self Edge 08BK

*Burgus Plus Lot 780

Warehouse Dubbleworks 660

Warehouse Lot 700J

Fullcount 1108-15

Blue in Green N-02

Omnigod 50-056a

*Roy Duck-1

Fullcount 1108

Fullcount 0105C


*denotes appreciable wear, current rotation or retired

denotes primary pair


I share the sentiments of being dedicated to a single pair at a time, but also of having some variety; hence the IH 9301 and Roy Ducks also being in rotation. The Burgus is my "worn-in" pair. The SExSC06 is my lightweight pair.


I'm not concerned about hoarding because who knows when this supply of quality denim will dry up or when certain companies will undergo massive changes/stop production (a la Denime, Skull, etc.) Purchasing has not been as expensive as it may seem, as only a couple acquisitions have been bought at full retail. Even if I paid more, I would feel none of the shame being directed towards collectors. What others can or can't afford is not my problem. My income is modest and I spend my extra money on what I enjoy: denim.


I love discovering new denim, rather than buying more of the same (suddenly I realize I need to diversify and buy a pair of Warehouse in different denim!). Next up: Stevenson and Kapital Century.

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massive,  it seems, when looking @someone's list from top to bottom.  but, some folks had been at it for years.


my obsession started 15yrs ago when i came across a pair of Valencia 501 repros & Denime Leepros splayed on top of the clearance heap @American Rag Cie in La Brea, CA  ... since then it has been a sporadic series of binge&purge.  


like PP, " I love discovering new denim, rather than buying more of the same ".   Aside from the SDAs,  i don't think i have anything that's from the same denim ... 'can't afford redundancy.  

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I know I am not alone in my perspective, but in case this comes off abrasive or pretentious in anyway, I will just say that BrownMetallic makes a great point, when he says "we all serve a function within our community". It is a bit close to the "functionalist" camp of thinking, but I find it valid no less. I interpret it more along the lines of individual expression within a small niche community. 


For example I am a full time student that also happens to work full time (this sounds like a contradiction, but what I mean is I work close to or over 40 hrs on a given week). I stay pretty busy and my jeans serve equally utilitarian and aesthetic functions. I put my jeans through hell. And still I buy jeans whenever I have disposable income available. I am similar to aho in that I buy jeans mostly on a whim, but only really wear one pair until the things have reached structural failure. I work in my jeans, commute to-and-from school, and do everything else the day demands. Provided my jawnz are not dramatically sullied (less)  and fetid I wear them out.


 Is my purchase therefore more justified than that of a wealthier collector? Absolutely not!


I guess what I am trying to say is that at the end of the day (esoterically) I justify buying jeans on the premise that I use them and use them hard. But even this stupid subconscious discourse I have with myself is pointless, since owning jeans and denim in general make me happy. In other words, yes this is a product, an object of consumption, still bearing that in mind I still appreciate and enjoy denim in its essence for its intrinsic value devoid of its purpose as a tool etc.


Putting it into Buddhist terms, I experience the "this-ness" of denim, the "denim-ness" and through it in some small (or huge way) begin to fully experience life. ( ok that last part was mostly a joke but you get what I'm trying to say)

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I own TOO many...


I have an extensive collection of all sorts of Levis, with the rarest pair being a 501 with "555" on the heads of the Shanks/Rivets, 2 pair of Samurai's, Numerous G-Star, Energie, Diesel, a few Lee's One pair of Wrangler Blue Bell, a few Gap Selvedge, a couple of Evisu, even though I had many more, I gave a lot of it away and too many smaller brands European/Japanese/Domestic... 


My rotation is 2 pair of Cult of Individuality (one I designed), Samurai S710XX, a Levis 511 and a Rag & Bone engineered jean, With the 17oz Cult's getting the most wear... I keep the rest of the stash in Bins with Cedar chips..

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I more or less agree with Mega.  I personally have collected some things in the past.  Sports Cards, vintage video games, fishing lures...all things mostly bought cheaply.  There isnt much need for buyer's remores in most cases.  If you never use something you paid six bucks for (or maybe even $20 bucks for) then there is no big loss.  Where as buying a $100-$500 pair of jeans and then never wearing them is a finacial luxury that I cant afford.  That said, I have 3 pairs of selvedge with the tags still on them sitting in my closet now.  I have no idea when I will be wearing any of those jeans.  It will most likely be at least two years from now.  Im rotating a pair 25oz and 14oz denims along with a pair of greys UB i wear on occasion.  I dont have a use for anything more.


If I had the money to snatch up every limited edition denim that's released on a whim...yeah I proubably would do it.  Props to those of you who can!  I prefer denim in its prestine state, and it would be cool to always have new denim or even exotic denim to through on or even sit and look at.  Its the same thing as going into a denim shop even if you dont plan to buy.  Its always nice to hold the finish product in your hand and appreciate the craftsmanship...would be pretty damn cool to be able to do that in the comfort of your own home!  

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  • 2 weeks later...

I've actually had a similar problem where I was buying more jeans than I could wear. So I cut my collection in half, and I'm left with this unglamorous shelf. This pic is for you b_F.




For my daily rotation, I just keep them hanging on this hook, along with my shoe horn. My current rotation is LVC 47, Joe McCoy 991XH, Devis S01XX. I also wear one or 2 pairs until they fall apart. And I wash them every 1.5 months.



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Sure, no problem…





BiG Original Collab

510xx RR 66





Joe McCoy 906

Joe McCoy 991XH





Devis S01XX

Devis D66



Lot 2000 No.1 Special Black Selvedge

Lot 2000 No.1 Special Silver Selvedge

Lot 2001 No.2 Orange Selvedge Tokyo Edition

Evis Lot 2006



Denime XX Shins

Sugarcane EDO-AI

Oni Denim Awa Shoai

Workers Lot 800

Pure Blue 010XX

Warehouse 660


And that's it… I sold or traded everything else. Now I only purchase a pair of jeans, if the denim and fit is too good to pass up or its rarity.

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I had an interesting discussion with beautiful_freak yesterday, as he acquired the 25 oz Samurai, and we thought it might be interesting to discuss here as well. And I'm writing this in general, not directed at anybody special.


Looking at the last pages I can't help but feeling "sorry" for many special pairs, that might end up in collections and never get worn. I have the same feeling when it comes to whisky. (Whisky has to be drunken to appreciate it - I really mourn for a closed bottle that can never show what it has in it. But the best and most expensive bottles disappear in collector's shelves and just increase in value instead of serving the purpose they were made for.) 


Many people collect to posses (Not saying they don't enjoy this and when they got the cash it's their choice) - but the real value and intention of the jeans is to be worn hard so they can show their real potential. In fact, there's the so-called "Gear acquisition syndrome", that may influence us to get stuff because of our passion and knowledge for jeans. And this place helps feed the flames a lot.


I hope nobody feels offended by this, but I personally think a faded and cherished pair of Nudies are more interesting than an unworn japanese rarity. The real passion is shown through wear to me.

Another perspective might just be to appreicate the craftmanship and feel of new jeans - it it this that makes people collect, even if they could rotate their collection in one year and just wear every pair for one week?



Interesting discussion.



The little Jeansmuseum of heaviest fadings has a broad variety of brands in different shapes from brand new to extremely worn out samples from 1950 ies until now.


The main goal of this place is to show all kind of fadings from many brands / styles / sizes / condition..... reflecting the power of denim evolution at its best in different stages of use. That way the visitors shall be hooked up on this raw denim spirit


Beside this,  the Jeansmuseum is a safe place, where all the beloved but well worn and retired raw denim projects from all you raw denim heads can receive an eternal life at this safe place in case somebody don't wanna save them up in their own private collection because of any reason and at any time.


So yes there are still some wearable items sitting unused in the Jeansmuseum. But must items are very hardcore used having many stories in to them and not wearable anymore. But to show the denim evolution in a good way  you need at least one brand new, some little and some heavy used samples from the same brand and model


But back to the thread:

Beside the 7000 jeans and 5000 denim jackets in the Jeansmuseum I myself have just about 4-5 jeans and 3 denim jackets  in constant use:

- IH 25 oz hwdc2 2013-2015 as my office pants and my interrupted Strike Gold 21/23 oz waiting for coming back after HWDC2 is over

- Nudie Regular Ralf before 2006 and an APC New Standard before 2008 as my outdoor pants

- Nudie Regular Ralf before 2006 and my Denime contest jeans from 2010 as my work pants

- Edwin selvedge jeans from 2005 just retired to the Jeansmuseum since there was some leftovers left from them only


And the following denim jackets:

- IH black 21 oz as office jacket full year, and an Lee 101-J from late 60-ies as second layer during winter time 

- Lee 101-J unlined repro from 1990 and a Lee Storm Rider 101-LJ blanket lined from 1965 as my outdoor jackets (summer unlined only, winter lined and unlined as double layer jackets)

- 1 Lee 101-J unlined and 2 Lee Storm Rider 101-LJ lined all around end 60-ies as my work jackets


Those items I usually wear everyday in a row switching in them only when changing my wear status between office-outdoor-work

The IH 25 oz pants  has now 180 wear days, my outdoor pants about 2 and half years of daily wear and my work pants 3 years plus


The black IH 21 denim jacket has about 300 easy wear days, my outdoor jackets about 4 years of daily wear and my work jackets about 5 years plus of daily wear.


All my raw denim stuff is never washed  and will be never washed from beginning until the real end when retiring them in to the Jeansmuseum. The items shall reflect the power of denim evolution on natural fadings only

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over time i've owned a lot of denim from different japanese brands mostly in different cuts. i've either sold or worn out/retired them. but i've went back to mostly apc right now.


2 apc ns different sizes

1 apc pns

1 3sixteen st-120

1 rgt denim trouser style on the way.


i think in the denim bottoms related department i'm good for now.

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over time i've owned a lot of denim from different japanese brands mostly in different cuts. i've either sold or worn out/retired them. but i've went back to mostly apc right now.


2 apc ns different sizes

1 apc pns

1 3sixteen st-120

1 rgt denim trouser style on the way.


i think in the denim bottoms related department i'm good for now.


I'm very similar, except i started with 3sixteen and stuck with them.


I have 3sixteen's st-100x, 120x (indigo/black), and the 220x (black/black) all in size 30 (31~" waist), before they adjusted their sizes with the new pocket back screen print.  I also ordered RGT work trousers as well, but sized down to a 29 (15.5") for that one.  


I'm 5'8" and 143 pounds, with big calf muscles.  I thought about RGT's SK models, but it would have been too skinny for my legs.  I really enjoy the 3sixteen ST fit, and the ST-100x are my favorite and most comfy, which may be due to the undyed white weft.

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Thanks a lot for the pic and the list of your jeans, coleslawyum!

You're welcome!


since i'm looking more into RMC these days, would you mind sharing some info on the different fits?

would be nice...fitpics would be killah, just saying :D

From my experience, RMC fits have always been very vintage-like (large legs, tall rises, baggy ass). So if a particular jean is inspired by a 1930's pair, you can almost predict that the RMC version will fit the same, like the S600.


The 906 original fit was really strange, which put a lot of people off to it. It has waist that was too big and hips that were too tight. Thats probably why they changed with the 906S.


It think the 991 is the best fitting out of all the models I've experienced. It has the perfect rise / leg opening combo.


I have a fit picture on my blog here.


For all the other models, I'm sure the other sufu-ers can offer their opinions.

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Greetings from norway, the selvedge market here is pretty thin, so I have to ship the jeans from canada og US without ever trying them on.


Thinn Finn, raw 2x

Tape ted, raw

Unbranded 201, selvedge

Unbranded 221, selvedge

Made by monkeys, raw selvedge

Cheap monday, black/black

Iron Heart 666 xhs, 25oz

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It took me a while trying to rationalize what I am actually doing and why...

My best guess is that I am more of the collector/hoarder type. I trade and buy my denim new and 2nd hand. I believe there is a significant difference in pristine/new denim and used/faded denim and it is not for me to say which is better.

Being from "the industry/trade" (garment engineering, pattern drafting and textile engineering) I am interested in the fabric itself, the assembly process/machinery as well as the finished product.

I do appreciate a faded pair - the time invested and the personality/indivuduality that can be witnessed in these pairs. But, faded and worn denim can be significantly different in hand feel and appearance from the initially engineered fabric. Faded and retired denim is secondary to me. I do enjoy wearing these jeans and, eventually, will get most of them to the stage of retirement (, I hope).

I am interested in experiencing different fabrics, cuts, make-ups from different brands and the wear experience over time.

Ultimately, it would be perfect to keep unused copy of each pair, but I lack the resources and fail to see the relevance/purpose of such an enterprise...

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Hi guys,

First post here though i've been reading the forum for some time. I own way to many jeans, including many "vintage" retired 501s from the early 90s. But here is my more recent collection:

Sugar Cane 1947

Full Count 1015

Full Count 1108

SDA 101

Flat Head 3005

LVC 501 1955

LVC 501 1966

My main pair is the LVC 55, which has the cut that works best for me and is nicely worn in. Close second is the SC 1947 for the amazing cut and denim.

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  • 5 weeks later...

1966 Levi 501 (lvc) (i own like 3 of these)

LVC of other years, i don't remember they're like so many years old

J.crew X levi salt soaked 501

Until last week, what as a new with tags pair of Edwin 505's i bought back before i knew anything about denim. i don't know what i was thinking for spending so much on these, then keeping them in storage for over 6 years...



2 pairs of the self-ege target ones, that were $30 way back, converse "japan fabric"


i also have a bunch of old diesel and other meh brands (hudson, mainline levis, designer like rag&bone etc) jeans.


im not too "into denim" i just buy what my brother tells me to buy. he knows his stuff but he's more into naked&famous, A.P.C skinny selvedge cuts etc

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I've been collecting jeans since getting hooked on Evisu in the early 2000's,  around 40 pairs of 'premium' denim in total. Interesting pairs are Atelier La Durance Roystons, Duck Digger 02, grey Sugarcane's, odd Evis knot jeans posted in the Evisu thread, Evisu bondage jeans in black  and a pair of Spellbound's.


It's hard to get shots of myself wearing any as my girlfriend thinks i'm insane and threatened to dump me for joining a denim forum :/



















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at one time I had these:


Sugarcane Hawaii
Sugarcane Okinawa
Sugarcane 1947
Sugarcane Slack denim
Eternal 811
Eternal 888

2 pairs of SDA 101
2 pairs of  SDA 101 21oz

SDA x's-33
Iron Heart 634s
Iron Heart 634sr
Iron Heart DC4001
Skulls 5000xx
2 pairs of Samurai 0500xx
Samurai 510 21oz
Samurai 510 19oz
Samurai 510 15oz
Samurai 510 24oz RHT
Samurai 710 black knights
Oni blue 14oz

LVC 501


I then lost 50+ lbs sold all of the above and I have:


Dior Homme 19cm MIJ raw

Skulls 5010xx

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