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Interesting. I’ve only owned(own) an S15 previous to the S24 and I’d presumed the 15 and 19 were more similar in fit. The 15 is much more fitted overall and has more complex shoulder patterning than the 24, and is slightly longer in the hem but shorter in the sleeve, all of which I preferred over the super boxy 24. Might need to track down a 19 now to see if it fills the gap between the two. 

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7 hours ago, uboraan said:

coincidentally wearing mine as well. patterning is indistinguishable apart from the s19's front and center seam and the s24 is roomier, boxier and a little longer where it matters enough to consider if wearing either of them on their own.

kinda wanted something boxier than the 19 so this is great. 

by patterning is indistinguishable do you mean the overall shape or all the shoulder darting and paneling is the same between the two shirts?

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12 hours ago, Konzentriert said:

Haven't been purchasing acr shells since fw18, anyone can tell me how the new gore-tex pro feels compared to the previous version, or are there related discussions I can check out?

There are three types of the new gtx pro but the mostly used by acr is the most breathable, not sure if there would be the most rugged for the coming winter.

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