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  1. SlackJackflack


    Known issue with P30 pocket design. Shoot [email protected] an email, you can send it in or they can send you the material and have a local tailor fix it. Both v1 and v1.1 had this issue for me.
  2. SlackJackflack


    They're working on manually restore as @kkuer99 said. There will be a general rerelease too. If you keep your eyes peeled on Errolson's twitter hes been very communicative about all this. Most recent update:
  3. SlackJackflack


    Vogue has the full season. Mens Womens Seems as though @brainerd666 is correct that its Abe playing with ACR design. There are pieces that are incorporating more than others. Even playing with the infamous cheese pocket. I personally dig the j1l x fishtail but with it being sacai sizing will be questionable. Hope retailers get these, would be nice to get to try on.
  4. SlackJackflack


    Just to echo this here is what they asked me in the most recent email Seems like an issue that could easily be fixed with a V1.2 down the road.
  5. SlackJackflack


    nope Cali to CZ was a cool $90 but otherwise painless, took about two weeks for turnaround.
  6. SlackJackflack


    Had a similar issue with p30 v1 had to pay shipping to them to repair, and already happened with my v1.1 so they sent me some material to get it patched up. Def hit up repairs
  7. SlackJackflack


    saved at least this one. Digging the fit
  8. SlackJackflack


    https://skyanycolour.com/ ARG solved a few more things, this site was shared by Hugh and the IG account has changed their name to Sky Any Colour so something large may be coming. If you want to chat about the arg or see any of the other stuff in more detail feel free to join us: https://discord.gg/ERHRNm6Q5y Edit: Reasoning behind having a separate discord is to prevent spam from here, I know not everyone interested in acronym is interested with the ARG so just not wanting to spam as updates come through. They've sent out this image as well
  9. SlackJackflack


    Finished! Was 1000 entries this time instead of 100, hope they don't try to do 10k next. Join the discord to see whatever new info drops on the brain/AEXONET https://discord.gg/ERHRNm6Q5y When it comes out I will do a stream going through it all For some actual clothing content, HG1-PU came in. Pretty fuzzy and shedding but im sure only will happen when fresh. Great for some light reading lol Edit, brain just updated with a full roster of people who have been working on the project as well as this video: http://aexo.thebrain.com/video/V_THE_PARALLEL_1_1080P_MASTER.mp4
  10. SlackJackflack


    Acronym arg we need your help! go to https://010100100100110101010100.net/ password is 332111213211121213132111213213132321332321233332323312123312313232222 Requires a lot more people to enter it this time
  11. SlackJackflack


    Shame white doesn't come with the orange hood, nice combo. Gratz to everyone who copped
  12. SlackJackflack

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Have a friend who doesn't have a sufu account that is trying to sell a J68-PL Size S Multi for $1100, no resellers. Or swap for size medium in Multi https://www.instagram.com/tabington/ Direct DM him sold
  13. SlackJackflack


    New AEXONET arg media drop, two vids and a few updates with hints for the future. To cut down on spamming stuff I've made a discord server dedicated to the ARG, if you would like to join please do feel free to join. I'll only post major stuff here for yall. https://discord.gg/ERHRNm6Q5y
  14. SlackJackflack


    All into the ARG, so many different people collabing here. Someone has to pay /s
  15. SlackJackflack


    loving the new drop and all the fits everyone is posting, I'll prob only pick up hg1-pu when they drop. On the ARG side there was a new data push, more stuff for us to solve but also has an almost 28 minute video if you're into that http://aexo.thebrain.com/video/S1374_observation.mp4
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