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Its pretty interesting, Haven has always accounted for duties (obviously) in their pricing.


But it seems now they're also taking into account the US appreciation.  


Which is weird because they are buying in Euro, but price-matching the US.


(it is a difference because the CAD is appreciating against the Euro, but depreciating against the USD.)

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It's the same kind of articulation in the shoulders as the sweatshirt from last season right?  :D


I like all of it but nothing is really jumping out at me as "gotta have it" with the exception of those shirts and maybe the p17s.  Are those supposed to be pretty much the successor of the p15? (which are actually what I was hoping would come back in stock)


The over all look of the j44 is AWESOME, but I just don't think that pocket layout is for me  :(  




edit: a paycheck and this drop on the same day is causing much weakness... maybe just like 1 or 2 or 3 things...

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How does the fabric in -CH models compare to -S ? Thinking about trying to pick up P10s but can't decide on what version to get.

CH feels more luxe, tiny bit of stretch but not windproof and not as black. Fabric feels good to the touch.

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