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What Are You Wearing Today (Denim Version)


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^ sup Mackie. Quant research looks like this:


"Coca-Fine" shoes

Tellason Strummer jeans

Unlucky belt

Cambodian "krama" scarf


1:00am. Need to finish writing the survey manual which explains in-depth every single one of the 250 questions in the survey I developed. Just finished question 143.

Considering cup #5 of coffee...

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45 rpm 5 button Jacket

Tanner Goods Eyeglass case

Engineered Garments Chambray

Tanner Goods for 3sixteen Belt

Unis Chambray Short

Quoddy for 3sixteen

Parrot Canvas for Woodlands Supply Co.

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^ Fantastic! Brilliant.

I gotta step it up...some great stuff this week. Kix - would rep but am out. Great pic and you work those shorts so uniquely I wish I could rep you ten.

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Killing it Z. Great fit & nice place. Where'd you cop the chambray?

Chambray is from gap. For the money, the details are killer. Fit is better than any other gap shirt I've had.

Thanks for the rep everybody!

I don't mention that enough..

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hey been so many great fits lately, cant rep! found out from an authority, finally, that boots are 40's era san quentin prison boots! so stoked some one may have murdered in my shoes! my comp got a virus so here is a few pics from the past week or so...


RRL chambray

strong hold braces

dickies duck work pants

prison boots


vintage american field barn coat

target shirt(really sweet actually for only 24 bucks)

strong hold braces

LVC 33's

prison boots


hobo beanie

RRL chambray

thrift store hickry pants

1931 PF flyers

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