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Eternal Jeans


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864s (x-post from Evo thread)



These were O/W

wrinkles and creasing were visible when purchased, but in no way has affected the wear on these...

especially after months of wear/a few soaks/washes

People tend to make bigger deals out of things...considering how the denims end up long-term

These are ~2 years old (on/off wear for most...daily recently) and are still tough as nails..I do hang dry, and I think I will keep doing so.

edit: I did a lot of machine washing/drying with my warehouse 660's and the wear/color loss is considerable after a long period of time.

I reckon if you want to keep more indigo, hang drying isn't a bad way to go (I'm no expert though)

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with all due respect.... I dont see any light in this "special technique"... by all means i do pretty much the same thing (without trying or boasting about it)....what's the big deal? I have very wrinked versions one washed fob factory, 45rpm, Sams and i dont see how it makes them so "insane" just because they are hanged dry...

I cant believe you a Hyping over hanged dried crinkles....

I get ya. Totally. I mean, we could both really do this at home too, just with a soak and a hang-dry in our own backyards.

Not saying it makes them more 'special', or anything. Just that if anyone gets them in this o/w state, they should expect an uncomfortable first few days. They're really crinkled and crunchy as hell.

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fit pic.


i've lost some weight (as you can see by the belt,) and they've started stretching, so they are a nice low, baggy fit now

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hey guys, how is the stretching of eternal 872 streaky denim ? should i downsize or stay true to size (cuz they only come in even sizes =/)

They don't stretch much if at all. I would really go true to size. I had to size up on mine (Really wanted a 33 and was scared of a 32 so I ended up with a 34). After really being worn in and washed they actually ended up shrinking quite a bit so it really didn't matter that I had sized up. The denim is very heavy and coarse. I would not recommend going for a slim fit with them. I used mine as pure work-wear.

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it's common knowledge that machine-drying will make for softer denim. i've machine dried my contest joints like 10 times and they most def are softer after a hot dry usually between 60-90 minutes. i just steam iron them if they crease weird(blasphemy i know sue me. ''oh no he didn't''). eternal's one-wash is just a hang dry in the sun, but it IS different from denimes one wash. i don't really prefer one or the other. whether i machine dry or hang dry depends on how much time i have that day.

as for the eternal BiG contest i'm really thinking about joining up. the price should be lower than the $255 gordon charges for the eternals he has now(i guess), and i've always wanted a pair of 811s. i know i'm in the denime contest but no arrogance intended i fade denim rather fast, plus i'm in it out of respect for hayashi-san, not really for the win despite some cats considering me a shoo-in. so if i get enough tax $$$ im in. you heard it here first. beatle is part of this, that's enough for me...i love jersey girls

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New 811s and I went to the Philly/Japan Society annual Cherry Blossom festival today. Beautiful girls, flowers and spring sun.

Thought you guys could use some springtime fun. Some fit pics included to justify this silly post...(no denim sightings worth noting...)










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