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  1. I was thinking I wanted a place I can post photographs of my Deck Jackets and Pea Coats and discuss them. Then I realized that all the Vintage/Vintage Inpired/Work Wear/Military Clothing related threads all had specifics topics. I want this thread to be the GO TO place for all Vintage/Inspired Military & Workwear Clothing related talk and and the "Home Base" for all other threads related to this topic. I'll kick off the thread with a small selection of threads I have found. Hopefully soon I'll be able to contribute some of my own photographs. Feel free to Private Message me any links or information you would like to add to this thread. Lets discuss! Work Wear Threads: Some Cool, Distressed Denim Workshirts Vintage Work Wear Warehouse Duckdiggers Tin House / Old Town Levis Vintage Collection Dungaree Cut Denim Vintage Workwear/ e-Eworkers.net Kapital Jeans Chore Coats Stevenson Overall Company #1 Stevenson Overall Company #2 Post O'alls Hellers Cafe for Warehouse Overalls Denim Coveralls Railroad Jackets Sugar Cane Denim Stronghold Denim Shoes That Look Better With Age Leepro Appreciation Thread Military Clothing/ Military Inspired Clothing Threads: Mister Freedom The Flight Jacket Thread Military Use of Blue Denim Buzz Rickson WWII Tent Fabric Trousers Vintage Threads: Vintage Sweatshirts Suspenders- Who Rocks Them? Vintage Glasses LLBean Bean Boots Vintage Clothing Experts- Insight Needed (Short discussion on Wabash Fabric) Thanks to jhxkcd, and Cotton Duck for contributing.
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