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Skull Jeans by An Alchemist


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I have a pair of size 34 5507's, got them back in August 2009 from Blue in Green, and they've been sparsely worn since... Soaked them twice. Thinking about letting them go, and just wondering if anyone has any interest.

I'll post something in the supermarket this weekend possibly, with photos, measurements, etc.


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i'm not sure about this, but I believe the 5010 7X6 has poly/cotton thread...it's only the 5010 6x6 that has all cotton. something about it being a special anniversary edition when it was first released. think I remember reading that somewhere but I could be way off...

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as another bigish guy (sufu standards) I think these are absolutely perfect. Please do not size down. +repped

OK, so I got the 5010 in size 35:




(Note that proportions are slightly off, as I used a really wide angle.)

Unsoaked. I'm thinking I should probably size down. Any opinions?

They're definitely not tight in any dimension.

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i recently bought a used pair of 5010xx 6x6 (one wash) from someone on this forum but i realised that the creases have fallen below my knee area (im a short guy).

they were tagged a size 30 and they measured 17" across (BiG measurements). i gave them one hot soak to get the waist to shrink back to the orginal size. should i iron out the creases or should i just continue wearing them?

would love any help i can get. thanks loads.

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recently bought a lightly used pair off someone from the forum. found out that the pockets need repairs.



brought them down to the local shop to get them pockets reinforced. will have quite a different outlook to the pockets due to the stitching running across the threadings instead of along with it. can't be helped as function means more than aesthetics to me. getting them hemmed and tapered for a closer fit as well. will update in a few days when i get them back.

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I'm surprised if anyone can actually use the front pockets on skulls. I'd cut up my hands.

Also you should go get some thread and a needle for simple repairs like that. When my stuff is broke I fix it myself. Like here, imminent crotch blowout gets some quick reinforcement.

Here are the tools:


before (it's a lot worse than it looks in the pics, fraying all over)






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mine fit a little loose around the waist, so mabbe thats why the pockets actually work. anyway, nice needlework skills you've got, i've tried repairing my old denim once on my own, but somehow it took really long. like 3 hours? and within probably half a month of wear, it fell apart again. not very competent with my needlework skills i must say! im always impressed by how some of the people around here actually work so well at fixing their denim.

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Everyone should have an old sewing machine for little repairs. Those things cost almost nothing and if it's some reputable old brand you can use them for the rest of your life with minor servicing.

Most of all it's fun and will deepen your relationship with the pair you're working... :)

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so any cuts that are similar to the 5010?

Check out the Flat Head 05BSP. The closest I've had to my 5010. Also, the new BiGxPBJ 013 collab is somewhat close if you size down one.

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