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Skull Jeans by An Alchemist


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it really is a mixture of fit , activity and not caring too much....if you move a lot and also sweat a decent amount the whiskers and creases will appear more defined. (sweat actually contains salt and will react with the indigo) .

Washing really is only necessary to refresh the fibers - and yeah - get rid of the smell

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Thanks guys, what a reception. I probably only soaked them once and recently gave them a hand wash around the year mark. This doesn't take into account the countless times people have spilled their drinks on them. You can tell in the pics that they need another wash soon. You can see a brown tinge in some of the pictures as well as the spot where I spilled engine oil on them.

I drive crappy shuttle buses at UCI with no a/c and during the summers or whenever it was pretty hot, the seat and backs of the thighs on the pants would get decently wet. They definitely smelled something terrible after a while. I also bike some and skate a little too.

This pair was also in terrible disarray a few months ago. You can see the repairs that HTC did on the crotch in the last picture. There were at least two decently sized holes there before. The backpocket stitching was basically gonel and my wallet drilled a hole through there as well.

Also: someone asked how much they stretched. I honestly don't remember. I do remember them being pretty tight after the first initial soak so I'm sure they stretched a little, I'm just unsure of the length. fit pics coming soon!

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nice , are the 5000xx are a 66 type fit demonito ?

nah theyre xx type cutting i think very much like a 47 501

here some pictures of this lovely pair! by far i think these have the same denim as dope and drakkar or kapital even 45 rpm very nice!









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